The Norebang, Or How Koreans Do Business Meetings

Last Thursday, we had a schoolwide dinner meeting.  Unlike the American public schools I’ve worked for, our employers at the hagwon usually spring for a pretty elaborate dinner at a fairly nice restaurant.  And, as anyone who has ever eaten at any Korean restaurant knows, if you leave hungry, it’s your own fault.  Thursday’s selections, spicy beef and pork ribs, did not disappoint.

Norebang or Singing rooms in South Korea

Norebang (노래방)or the Karaoke or the singing rooms in South Korea is one of the prime source of entertainment. You can see the norebang in most of the streets in Korea. There are several rooms inside the norebang where a group can occupy one room. Each room is equipped with Karoke list of book, sound system, audio, video and dancing lights.

Ziggy Stardust's Noraebang

Last Friday, Workwick Franklin teachers new and old gathered together for a night of beef, beer, and general tomfoolery.  As a goodbye to the only Workwick Franklin teacher who finished his contract and is leaving Busan (at least for now), as well as to welcome the new Chicago couple (I swear the Windy City follows me around...and that's the way I like it), and celebrate the first week of the new school year- we went out.  Now nights in Korea can sometimes fall into a basic pattern: dinner, drinks in multiple locations, drunken singing- last weekend may have fit the bill, but was far from typical. 

First off we went for BBQ with a little something extra which I had never seen before- an omelet ring.

17 in Korea: My Sister Came to Town


When I was 15 my dad and stepmom had a baby.  She was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1257 kms from where I lived with my mom and brother in Victoria, B.C.  ”You have a sister,” my dad said, calling me minutes after from the hospital.  ”Her name is Abby.” I was ecstatic.

Determined not to let geography prevent me from creating a bond with this new human,  I saved up a couple paycheques from my mall job at New York Fries and, two months later, bought a plane ticket to Saskatoon.

Art, Night, and Norebang: 48 Hours in Seoul


Perhaps one of life’s greatest pleasures, other than long, extended journeys through distant and mysterious places (and poetry, and Miles Davis, and cambozola cheese), is the weekend trip.  Put me in a car, or a boat, or a high-speed train, with one packed duffel and an extra pair of shoes.  Give me a cabin on an island off the coast of Canada or a couch in a city in Asia.  Give me a map.  Give me a couple insider tips and a loose list of ideas.  Give me 48 hours.  Give me a partner in crime. 

Seoul Teaser, Eloquence Intro


Norebang with Leah and Peter, somewhere around 6 a.m...

My first Norebang experience. Set to Lollipop. Sorry for the bad...

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]

My first Norebang experience. Set to Lollipop. Sorry for the bad lyrics, kids.

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