Coffee with Character, Part V

The temperatures in Korea are dropping quickly.  Too quickly if you ask me.  Soon enough, Seoulites will be forced to bundle up and head indoors to escape the harsh Korean winter weather..  While there are plenty of things to do throughout the city during the winter, there's no better place to pass a cold day than in a cafe- especially when it's themed. So, just in time for winter, I give you a new list of places to explore during the cold season to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, served with a whole lot of character.

1.  Capi Capi Loom Loom Cafe:  If you've had your fix of Hello Kitty and want to cuddle with another cute Japanese character, Capi Capi is the place for you.  Rilakkuma, a ridiculously adorable teddy bear famous throughout Asia, is the star of this cafe in an unassuming building near Sungshin Women's University. 

Coffee With Character, Part 3

As promised, I've continued the search for Seoul's best themed cafes. I am happy to report that my most recent finds include a diverse mix of polar bears, bananas, puppies, and cupcakes that will make you scream... with delight. So, without further ado, I give you Coffee with Character, Part Three.

Banana Tree (Sinsa-dong, see map. Closed Sundays.)

Tucked away on an obscure street in upscale Sinsa-dong is Banana Tree, a charming cafe inspired by, well, bananas. Instead of 'going bananas' with the theme, Banana Tree uses hues of yellow and banana decor- a door prop here, an ornament there- in a subtle fashion to incorporate the concept.

Itaewon freedom!

Haters gonna hate, but over the course of 11 months, I have grown quite fond of this magical place that has real cheese, hummus and other cherished items from home. Only a short subway ride and you arrive in a place with actual diversity, English speaking Starbucks baristas and "big sizes" for all!  I am not, however, a fan of the late nights there, a bit TOO different for this Korean acclimated drinker, but during the daytime I enjoy strolling along the crowded, ethnic streets, people watching to my hearts desire ( it is a prime spot for my psychology major hobby.) Itaewon gets a bad rap for some foreigners in Korea, for others, it is the only place they can imagine going, for me, the old phrase "it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there" comes to mind.

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