Queer Links from the Week

Queer Links from the Week

I have been so bad about updating this section. I apologize. I'll try to be a more vigilant blogger in the future. I've just had been busy dating the most beautiful man in the world.

Makgeolli Shelf Life Extended to 100 Days

Now this could be a step in the right direction.  Fresh makgeolli currently only has a shelf life of around 30 days due to the fermentation process.  Any longer than that and it starts to taste quite sour and bitter….but not in a good way.  According to the Korea Food Research Institute, this could all change as they have found a way to extend the storage life of makgeolli to 100 days.  This could be mean big things for the export market, as previously it hasn’t been worthwhile to ship and stock overseas buyers with the short lifespan.

Queer Links from the Week

Korean Food Love Song for All Korean Food Lovers

When you feel down, simply remember your favorite Korean foods!

Keeping to a Vegan Diet while Traveling

19415_10151407039210586_229707507_nIt is easy to stick to a routine when everything stays the same. However, it is difficult to know exactly what’s in your food when your eating at new restaurants, trying new dishes or translating your preferences between languages. As a traveling vegan myself, I know it is not always easy to find vegan meals. But it is possible to stick to a vegan diet and eat healthy while on vacation without much hassle. Here are a few tips;

Donating Blood In Korea

So My Story

The reason I started writing this post was because I went into a center here in Daegu and was a bit shocked at how adamant they were about not letting me donate.

Queer Links from the Week

I don't know how I've ended up doing these posts on Monday... Anyways, here are a bunch of links from pride (and a couple of extras)
Aramis International: Aramis International Korea Members
Arirang TV: Korea Today - Gay in Korea | 국내의 성소주자들
Caitlin O'hara Blog: Korea Queer Festival

Queer Links from the Week

Queer Links from the Week

After a sunny weekend in the West Sea, I'm back in Seoul tired and burnt. Here's a quick update of the queer news from the week.

AllKPop: Seo In Guk discusses why the word 'gay' pops up when searching his name
AllKPop: Brian proposes to actress Choi Ji Woo? (Um, Brian likes women?)

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