Queer Links from the Week

Todd Henry on Arirang TV

Professor Todd Henry spoke on Arirang TV last week on the prospect of gay marriage in Korea. Of course, as this is Arirang television the clip is in English.

The video is available at Arirang TV. Fast forward to 17:25 for the interview.  

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Listen at 6:10 PM Today on Arirang News

Todd Henry will be on Arirang News today (Tuesday, October 7th) at 6:10pm to talk about the prospects of same-sex marriage in Korea. Make sure you tune in! Unfortunately, I will be sleeping, but I will try to provide a link after it airs!

You can stream Arirang directly from your computer. Enjoy!

Subway in Yangsan, South Korea

For some reason – I’ll never be sure why – a business owner saw fit to open a Subway restaurant in our little city of Yangsan, South Korea. There are no Subway sandwich places in Busan yet. In fact, I think they were only in Seoul – until now! We are extremely excited about this! One of the things we miss most from home is a good sandwich. Having a Subway in Korea is good, in Busan would be fantastic, but having it inexplicably open up here in Yangsan? That’s amazing! Naturally, we’ve spent a large portion of our time there over the last few weeks. On nearly every visit we’ve made to the Yangsan Subway, we’ve run into another foreigner doing the same! The Yangsan Subway has become a foreigner Mecca. With that in mind, we’ve decided to post some directions.

Queer Links from the Week

Queer Links from the Week

Queer Links from the Week

All of the news for this week is about the wedding. Congrats! Looks like they got it registered?!?

Hankyoreh: Filmmakers wed in Korea’s first-ever public same sex marriage
Korean Herald: First gay marriage stirs controversy

Big Gay Korean Wedding

The biggest news in gay Korea this week is of course Kim Jho Gwang-soo's marriage to long-term partner Kim Seung-hwan. The news has been all around Korean news sources, but if you haven't seen anything yet, head over to the Reuters article.

Translation: MBN News' The Republic of Prostitution... Now Homosexuals Participate as Well

Last week, MBN News produced a segment on gay prostitution. With the shocking title of 성매매 공화국... 이젠 동성애 성매매까지 (The Republic of Prostitution... Now Homosexuals Participate as Well) I recommend watching it at MBN News' homepage. Pay particular attention to how they characterize the same-sex prostitution as something worse than heterosexual prostitution.  Some of the language is quite dramatic.

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