Video Every Day in February: Success!

We did it!

We decided back in January that, during the month of February, we would try to upload a video to Youtube every day! Well, February is over now, and we did it! We managed to upload 28 videos in 28 days. Many of those videos were a new series we’ve started called KLVOGS – Korea VLOGS! These videos are supposed to just be casual snapshots of our lives here in South Korea. We really enjoy making them, and the response to them has been fantastic! Thanks!

North Korea Strikes Again; South Korea Fires Back

Last night, my husband and I were talking about what might happen to us if war breaks out between South Korea and North Korea. What sparked such conversation was theexchange of fire between the two Koreas on Monday, March 31, after several artillery shells launched by the North as part of its live-fire drills near the Western Sea Border landed in the South’s territorial waters. There were no casualties (thank God), but residents of nearby islands Baengnyong and Genpink were evacuated to temporary shelters.

Translation: Heo Ji-ung's Gay Proclamation: "I have experienced skin ship with gays, but I'm not that way"

From Dailian:
허지웅 게이 발언 "동성애자와 스킨십 경험... 하지만 그쪽아냐"
Heo Ji-ung's Gay Proclamation: "I have experienced skinship with gays, but I'm not that way"

Queer Links from the Week

Queer Links from the Week

I thought it was fish cake!

Nothing new seems to be coming out of Korea in terms of queer news, so I decided to translate this old article. It is hilarious. In case you don't know what 어묵 is, it is that fish cake you often see in Korea.

2013: A Year in Review

Queer Links from the Week

Soju in a Juice Box! Taste Test

Alcohol comes in many wonderful forms in Korea, but there’s nothing more Korean than soju! According to the Guardian, soju is now the most popular booze in the world! In honor of this crowning achievement we decided to film a video featuring soju in my favorite form…a juice box! Watch in wonder as we drink hard liquor with a cute pink straw. :)

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NK News: Being Gay in the DPRK

I'll probably include this in my queer links for the week, but this article is a MUST READ! NK News' Oliver Hotham writes about how North Koreans don't normally have a concept of gays, and how their first exposure of gays in society often happens upon arrival to the South.

Definitely give it a read. 

I've also compiled a list of resources on North Korea in the past if you want to take a look. And I made the image above ㅋㅋ. Artsy or sloppy? 

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