Queer Links from the Week: LGBT Anti-Discrimination Law, Transgender Prostitution in Namsan, and More

Riders-in-tandem: The Philippines’ New Evil

You have probably heard of them in the news, the Philippines’ latest “collection” of vicious miscreants riding on motorcycles. Their criminal activities know no boundaries: holdup, kidnapping, targeted killing, rape. Although news about organized crime groups using motorcycles as get-away … Continue reading

Queer Links From the Week: Being Gay in the Military, South Korea voting yes for LGBT Rights at UNHRC, and more

Queer Links from the Week

Translation: 한국 '동성애자 살기 좋은 나라' 123개국 중 69위- In Good for Gays poll, Korea ranks 69 out of 123 countries

This Yonhap News article was posted in response to a recent Gallup poll that asked people worldwide if their area was good for gay residents. Of course, this information could be easily found in English on Gallup's website, but I thought it was interesting how Yonhap was reporting it with specific comparisons to neighboring countries and other OECD nations. 

Queer Links

I've gotten a bit behind on linking to queer Korea stories (went to Japan at the end of August and now trying to get my new house in Korea shipshape)... Some of these are from early August!

Relearning to Read in 2014

So many things change, so much remains the same. New media has presented so many new challenges in all aspects of our lives but perhaps where we are effected most is how we digest written text. It is a constantly changing environment and due to the speed of change a status quo has yet to […]

Queer Links from the Week

Translation: "I Prevented Suicide" ... Hong Seok-cheon confesses a case where he counseled a homosexual "자살 막았다"…홍석천, 동성애자 상담 사례 고백

[TV리포트=홍의석 기자] 홍석천이 상담으로 자살을 막은 사실을 고백했다.

[TV Report: Hong Eui-seok] Hong Seok-cheon confessed that his counseling led to a preventing a suicide.


We have AWESOME news everyone! We have hit a milestone on our Youtube channel! If you can’t guess what it was from the title, then watch the video below!


Thank you to our awesome viewers!!
We know that it doesn’t mean too much to other youtubers (I don’t see them making videos like this about a million views—it’s usually about getting a million SUBSCRIBERS), but we think it’s important to set realistic goals every year and achieve them.

Our Youtube goals for 2014

At the beginning of 2014 we set goals for our channel, and reaching 1 million views was one of them!
Also on the list:

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