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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

We were walking down the streets in Manhattan, NY. It was like one of those iconic moments where your camera takes a picture on its own. Although I have only been to NY twice, whereas my husband was brought up on the Island… I find it as fascinating as most! My mind imagines these crazy stories of the people and night life that takes place in the city.

How did this guitar get here? Was it a love serenade gone bad? Or time for an upgrade? Was it a dream made, maybe a small town girl like Coyote Ugly, finally made it in the city and traded in her old model in?

Grab the Brass Knuckles and My Rolex, we’re goin Shoppin!

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Journey To The West

After she read about how various so-called “international couples” start to possess a feeling of limbo in the world, belonging neither to their home countries nor to the nations in which they’ve made their new homes, A. asked me how I felt the last two times I went back to America, since at this point, after almost three years in Korea, I am definitely not fully American anymore, and likewise in a state of purgatorial limbo, waiting to burn off the sin of being young before I can attain the heavenly bliss of an income that provides for a life of permanent travel.

The Garbage In New York

To us, because we were traveling, even the trash was beautiful. It was early in the morning on the day we were to return to Korea, and under the orange streetlight outside the taxi window there was a Manhattan curb choked with garbage. It was an Aleph for me, representing everything and nothing, all cities and no cities and just the city of New York, and because I had missed this place (my birthplace!) so much that image took on the most profound significance, and I still remember it as though it is here, now, before my eyes, a year later—all while complaining about the garbage in Korea.

NY Daily News Covers Hallyu and Growing K-Pop ‘Invasion’

Seoul and NYC Working Together to Increase Tourism

Top 5 Most Korean-American Cities: New York City

In a weekly series of posts, we will present the Top 5 Most Korean-American cities, selected not only for their numbers, but also for their visibility in mainstream America. Our research was guided by the following criteria: population, famous and/or influential locals, programs, and hotspots.

#2 New York, NY

America the Beautiful(l of Diversity)

Over the past fortnight, I was reminded of how much diversity surrounds me in my everyday life. Mind you, as healthcare professionals, Nicole and I are no strangers to diversity, continuously dealing with a parade of patients from all different backgrounds, languages, smells, and socioeconomic status.

Speaking of parades, don't you think diversity makes them more robust, more fulfilling to watch? You pick one -- Mardi Gras or a Ku Klux Klan march? The Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics (the United Nations of athletes) or that march at the Winter Olympics (only those athletes who are -asian: Caucasian or East Asian)? Well, you get my point.

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