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Pretty Flowers

I forgot to post these from April~  but check out the beautiful flower arrangement Nara had delivered to me for my Birthday!!  Korean flower arrangements are so beautiful compared to the ones back home~

So much color!!!  It cheered me up a lot since I get lonely here when it is my Birthday~

The arrangement was fairly large, so I was able to split it up into 3 vases around my room.

Return to Mt. Geumjeongsan

On our first visit to the top of Mt. Geumjeongsan, we had ascended in a cable car and hiked from the South to East Gate. It was an all-day excursion, but we were only able to see a fraction of the gigantic mountain fortress which extends across the summit. So we vowed to return. Our second trip up this incredible mountain would start at the Northern Gate, bring us to Godangbong Peak and end with a well-deserved feast in the village of Sanseong.

Green Tea and Fresh Air in Boseong (보성)

This past weekend a few friends and I went to the tiny little town of Boseong (보성) to go to the stunning green tea fields.  Now from Busan it's a bit of a trek.  By bus it takes 3 hours each way and the two morning buses leave at 6:30 and the next not until 9:40 from Sasang.  You could go to somewhere nearby and then transfer, but we went the more direct route.  The last bus of the day leaves really early at 5:40 so you either have to have a jam packed day like we did, or spend the night.  It's a small town, so maybe if you went somewhere else close by for the next day it would be a better plan. 

Hiking through Igidae Park

Hiking Gear

The mountains and hills of Busan are easily its best feature, both helping to confine the city’s sprawl and offering parks and natural refuges for residents to escape the stress of everyday life. Among Busan’s wide range of nature walks, the one spanning Igidae Park is among the most popular. We hiked along its 5.2 kilometer coastal trail on a recent sunny afternoon.

Dear Korea #065 - Allergies Suck

Dear Korea #065

There I go, complaining about the weather again. What can I say? I’m not much of an outside person.

What’s really interesting is that I never had any sort of allergy problem until I came to Korea. I guess the air in Texas was super different or something.

The First Bloom of Spring ♥ Korea 2012

After an extra long winter and random snow just when it was starting to get warm~ At last the first bloom has started for spring here in Korea!  Nara and I found some small trees on the side of the road starting to open up so we jumped out to take a quick pic or two!

Soon Korea will be filled with beautiful flowers~ I can’t wait! ♥

Dear Korea #063 - Feeling the Burn

Dear Korea #063

I don’t know if this is too common in bigger cities, but down here in Gwangju, we have more than enough mountains. As a result, mountain climbing (more like hiking uphill in some cases) is insanely popular, especially amongst the older folks. One man I know likes to go on an eight hour climb up a mountain, get drunk off of soju, pass out, and then climb back down before nightfall. This is something he looks forward to doing each weekend. I have no idea how that’s even possible.

Dear Korea #061 - Officially Sick of the Cold

Dear Korea #061

I love the cold much more than I should. When you take into consideration that I’m from Texas, it makes even less sense. That being said, I think I’m kind of ready for winter to be over now.

Spring in Korea is quite lovely, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that it needs to hurry up. Yes, its arrival will probably lead to my allergies acting up like they never have before (they only act up when I’m in an Asian country), but at least I won’t have to wear my jacket anymore. I’m even willing to take hoodie weather at this point.

Things I Love Thursday – Interactions with Animals in the Wild

At home in New Zealand we have a garden. Through laziness or temperament my father lets the trees and plants grow wild, cutting only the grass necessary to allow access to the trampoline and washing-line. This results in urban chaos. Our two cats love the unhindered branches, damp soil and dark nooks for hiding. Birds nest in the trees, sing by the windows and gobble the plethora of fruit. It is a paradise the neighbors are less fond of.

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