What a Drip!

Today, while finishing my friends’ Christmas gift,


(which I was very excited about how well it turned out) I decided to make some potpourri.

My Mom likes to boil potpourri on the stove in the wintertime, and who doesn’t enjoy a nice smelling home, so I thought I would follow suit.  I used some oranges that had been hiding in the back of my fridge and had shriveled up, some dried rosemary (more than I had planned since a bunch spilled out), and a little bit of vanilla extract.

Christmas Island

Now that November is over, NaNo is done, and I have relaxed enough to return to my regular state of weird, I have begun getting pumped for Christmas and my upcoming vacation to CAMBODIA!

Just from the few things I’ve looked at about Cambodia, I am already super excited and can’t wait!

Yesterday I started looking around and began trying to figure out my plans for the week I am there.  I would appreciate any and all suggestions and recommendations.  This is the first time I’ll be in a warm climate for Christmas and also the first time I’ll be away from family and/or friends that have become my family, so it will be a different experience to say the least.

Before leaving for Cambodia, I plan on getting my fill of cold weather Christmas here in Korea.  Yesterday I started making a Christmas tree for my apartment (which is still a work in progress).  Today while watching Elf,  I may have also made a few whales wearing scarves. It get’s cold in the ocean.

It’s your party, but please learn to hike first.

With about 70% of the Korean peninsula covered with mountains, the hiking culture dominates the the Land of Kimchi. I went for a short hike up Mt. Dobongsan near my home a few weeks ago. I have a ways to go if I want to start calling myself a “hiker”, but here are my thoughts thus far…

Hiking in Korea is reminiscent of attending an epic college party.

It is imperative that you…

pre-game. (Who wants some morning makgeolli?)

The Most Beautiful Place in China

When I was in China a few years ago, I went to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, the Li River.  From Guilin to Yangshou, the whole river and surrounding area is stunning.

The mountains pop up out of nowhere and the whole place is lush and vibrant and green.  Water buffaloes grazed on the tall grasses along the banks and it was lively yet peaceful.  I truly do wish I could have spent longer on that river and I hope to go back some day.

The Most Beautiful Place in Busan

Since NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month in case acronyms are not your thing) has my head swirling with words,  I will be taking a little break this month from 5 Awesomely Awesome Things.  But since I like having a theme to start the week, I do love a good theme.  I dust off some of my favorite photos and share some of the beautiful places I have been lucky enough to visit.


Bird’s Nest | Pemberton, British Columbia

Bird's Nest in Pemberton, BC


Heavy Rainfall Before “Hurricane Busy”

This week is definitely not the calm before the NaNoWriMo Storm. In fact, there is a lot of things to do, most of them not involved with writing.
Tomorrow is my school’s Halloween party.  There will be lots of pictures, as it promises to be awesomely insane.  Not only will there be a scary haunted house, and crafts, but also an inflatable bouncy tiger thing (yes I asked, that is its real name).


A visit to 홍제천 river

Do you ever just ride the bus or drive not knowing where you are going? I love doing that… if I had a car here I would do it all the time, but in Korea I am limited to the bus XD thankfully, Korea has an amazing public transport system so you can just hop on with your t-money card and go pretty much anyplace! Korea has so many places to explore~

Baños and the river

The half hour drive from Baños centre that cut through and wound around the jagged and curvaceous Andes gave us chance to get to know the other would-be rafters; two graduates fresh from university in Belgium, an English teacher based in Northern Spain and a family of four from Germany traveling Latin America. With the exception of Alicia this was everyone’s first time white-water-rafting.


Nikko is stunning!  I’m so glad I spent one of my days in Japan there.  I never would have considered it, and I might not even had known about it if it hadn’t been for my friend’s recommendation. After doing a search for images of Nikko, I was sold.

Nikko looked like the lush,green, and quiet zen forest full of UNESCO wonders I wanted to explore, and it totally was.

Even though Nikko can be seen as a day trip from Tokyo (the train ride took less than 2 hours), I went the night before so the whole day would be open to explore all the temples.

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