National Museum of Korea

Destination: Golden Splendors - The Royal Tomb of Silla (National Museum of Korea, Seoul)

Once buried under tons of rock and dirt, this exhibition of (mostly) authentic relics from Korea's Silla Dynasty is given new life - and exhibit space - decades after they were first discovered. Dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries, they tell the stories of kings and queens, burial rituals, and the handing of power from dead to living. Since the tomb's excavation in the 1970's, there hasn't been much seen by the public.

National Museum of Korea

Every couple of weeks, Heather and I head down to the Wondang markets in Nakseongdae to pick up groceries. Hybrid supermarket giants like E-Mart and Homeplus provide convenient one-stop shopping for many people in Korea, but the outdoor markets also have their advantages. Fresh fruits and vegetables are nearly always cheaper in the markets and the ajummas will often give you a little extra produce for free if you ask nicely.
You can also be content with the knowledge that you're supporting the local economy more directly.


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