Nambu Bus Terminal

Life in Korea: getting around rural Korea by bus

Author's note: 'Life in Korea' posts are aimed at the newer expats among us. If you have a more experienced perspective, comments are open!

Whoever had "half the fun is getting there" hasn't yet had the pleasure of getting around the smaller towns and cities of Korea. The good news is that all but the tiniest areas around Korea will have a bus terminal (and quite a few have train stations as well), it's up to you to make sense of the bus schedules. It doesn't help that the schedules - and prices - are written almost entirely in Korean, and sometimes updated by hand. You can get from point A to point B - just expect it to take a bit longer than it might if you were going to one of Korea's larger cities. The reward is getting to see the off-the-beaten-path places that few other foreigners get to see.

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