A Korean Winter Mystery

The past couple of weeks have seen the temperature drastically drop to below freezing- winter, along with a hefty lot of snow, has officially arrived. As such, the coats are back out, everyone is dressed up in their warming, winter gear. But there is one big difference between Koreans and foreigners and how they wear their winter clothes, and it’s something which puzzled me last year and has remained a mystery until now: why do (99% 0f) Koreans wear their coats inside?

Dear JJ…

Dear JJ,

I’d like you to know first and foremost that I have never before been compelled to write to a celebrity. I would like you to know secondmost that I have just finished watching season 1 of ‘Alcatraz’, and thirdmost that I have some giant, Ultrasaurus-sized bones to pick with you.

Oh it’s a thing, JJ. Perhaps you could use it in your next show, in the middle of an English village in the early 1900s.

Destination: Seosomun Park

Every now and then I get a question asking me if I always give positive ratings to the destinations I visit. My answer? Not always and not in every case, but in general I'm very impressed with Korea's selections of places to see. While my usual high expectations haven't changed much since I started keeping the taeguk ratings (see here for more information), this is one place that is currently better for the locals than the tourists.

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