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Understanding Psy and Snoop Dogg's "Hangover"

Earlier this week, international sensation Psy debuted his latest release, "Hangover," featuring American rapper Snoop Dogg (er... Lion) on his oft-visited YouTube channel. Responses to the video have been mixed. Some believe the song is just as catchy as his "Gangnam Style," a viral hit that has received over 2 billion views to date. Still others have complained, slamming the video for its incessant product placement and Snoop Dogg's ever-growing tendency to sell out. Either way, "Hangover" is entertaining and paints a rather accurate portrait of Korea's intense drinking culture and famous nightlife (sans all the twerking in gold booty shorts). For those less accustomed to Korean ways, read on to better understand what exactly the duo are doing in the five minute video.

AOA “모야” Moya ~ K-pop Eye Candy

AOA Black  ( meaning Ace of Angels 에이오에이) is a smalled band formed with 5 of the 7 members of the main AOA pop group, Jimin, Choa, Yuna, Youkyung, and Mina.  AOA debuted in 2012 and revived a slew of nominations that year from various  award shows like SBS MTV, Allkpop Awards, Mnet asian music awards etc. with 3 singles peeking on the Korean music charts all within the top 10 range.

What made PSY Gangnam Style So Popular?

Just a few days back when I visited YouTube Top 100 Music section to catch my daily dose of music, I was surprised to see this new Korean music video out of nowhere at No. 2 putting Justin Bieber and Kate Perry behind. The video is Gangnam Style by KPOP singer PSY, also known as Park Jae-sang. And if you check it now its on NUMBER ONE, putting Carly Rae Jepsen’s video Call me may be at no. 2 slot.

The video is more of a dig at the kind of modern Korean women called Doenjangnyeo (soy bean paste women), who will live as frugally as possible on a cheap beanpaste stew so they can save up as much money as possible to spend on designer shoes and handbags, with Psy playing a clownish caricature of a Gangnam man. It’s also completely insane, hilarious, high-energy music videos.

So what makes this video so popular?

In the words of Rocky, “Now here’s something we hope you’ll really like”


And that’s Rocky the Squirrel, not Rocky Balboa


Dumbfoundead Releases MV for BRB!

2NE1 and Ugly


what a wonderful world!

For chapter 4, What a Nice Day! I did a music video project with my 5th graders and they could not have made me prouder! I gave them each a lyric to the song What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong (Student: He has brown skin, teacher? Me: Yes! He is African American! Student: Like Obama!? Uh....) and they were instructed to be creative and draw a picture to describe the lyric. They could do anything they wanted and I got some interesting illustrations including a coffee cup for the lyric for "what a wonderful world" and nuclear bombs covering the page for "saying how do you do." Those kids really make me laugh! These are a couple of my favorite pictures, from the minds Korean 5th graders :)

electro show.

French Horn Rebellion in Seoul next Saturday, gonna be a fab show and a bitchin' good time. Be there!

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