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Ulsan World Music Fest

Now I know this isn’t technically a Busan event… but it’s close enough and the amount of overseas talent onstage is alarming. There will be folk music from all corners of the world, reggae, disco, hip-hop, jazz. Sometimes, the absence of outside culture here gets to me and I yearn for something different to stretch my brain around. This festival seems designed to do just that.

Camping and Jams at the Rainbow Music Festival

Nami Island is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite Korean attractions.  Sure, it's touristy, but with good reason.  The island's stunning scenery and artistic atmosphere make it an ideal destination for nature lovers and design enthusiasts alike.  Because Namiseom is a bit of a journey from Seoul, I'm not able to get out there as often as I'd like; so, when the Korea Tourism Organization offered me tickets to the island's annual music and camping festival, I jumped at the opportunity and figured it was the perfect excuse for making the two hour trip out to Chuncheon.

The Rainbow Island Music and Camping Festival was started in 2011 and past lineups have included international headliners like Jason Mraz, Christina Perri, and KT Tunstall.  In just two short years, the festival has gained a reputation for being one of the country's best outdoor celebrations of music.  One-day and three-day tickets are available for purchase each year.
In addition to promises of amazing music, the festival is one of the only weekends of the year when camping is allowed, as to preserve the island's ecosystem.  Festival-goers holding three-day tickets can opt to reserve camping spots, either by renting the festival's tents (which include sleeping bags, lanterns, and mats) or bring their own tents.  Both options include access to a number of showers.


Friday, January 27, 2012 - 15:00


「GREENPLUGGED RED 2012」A Gigantic-Sized Indoor Music Festival Heats up Gig-Buffs for This Winter in Korea


Here comes the Korea’s representing music festival ‘GREENPLUGGED’ featured with the newest concept for those festival-addicted during the coldest season in Korea. ‘GREENPLUGGED RED 2012’ will be held at the KINTEX venue and is to set to kick off at 16:30 local time on Friday, running throughout two days and into the early hour of Sunday morning. What makes it so much distinctive is that the venue is well-set enough to give you the same outdoor impression you’ve had at GREENPLUGGED SEOUL 2011 last May. If you felt the GPS 2011 lacked sparkle due to the family-friendly timetable, this coming GPR 2012 will gratify your party-loving desire till dawn.

Destination: Time to Rock Festival (2010)

The 2010 Time to Rock Festival offered music-lovers more metal and rock than the city has heard in a long time. The same location as the recent World DJ Festival, the Nanji Han River Camping area was again filled with thousands of people ready to get their rock on. There were several noticeable differences in the crowd, however - the bill was filled with Korean bands, and there were far fewer foreigners present than at the DJ Festival. I couldn't tell you whether those two are correlated or not, but Korean and foreigner alike had a tough time understanding vocals.

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