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No, ‘American Sniper’ is Not the greatest American War Movie; it’s actually quite Conventional

Detachment: I highly recommend it

When someone asks me, "What kind of movies do you like?" I have a hard time answering. I usually start off by saying I don't care for the Hollywood flicks, and then go from there. For the most part Korea gets only just the Hollywood "Blockbuster" movies from the West. While the more thoughtful and dramatic ones don't cross the ocean.

Oasis (오아시스): Korean Movie Review

Oasis, the movie directed by Lee Chang-dong, is an incredible piece of work where you can see a very acute and tactful observation of the human condition. The kind that is brought on by the people in society who are forgotten and at the very end of the line.

Pancake Brunch

One could go to Butterfinger Pancakes or some brunch place, but the best pancakes are homemade and enjoyed with a friend. Yesterday, I ventured over to my friend's place. She recently moved to my area and so we were excited we could get together so easily. I brought over a Red Mill Organic pancake mix I bought from a foreign food online seller, along with frozen blueberries. We picked up a few extras, too.

3-Alley Pub Lunch and a Movie

Ever since JH returned from his American vacation he has been craving some of the foods he sampled there. One of which is the American burger. I'm not talking about a McDonald's burger but the kind you get at a mom-and-pop restaurant. One that is thick and juicy with a big bun and fresh toppings.

He realized that the usual places to get a burger in Korea, like Kraze Burger, just weren't cutting it. I told him how this is how I feel about pretty much any dining experience in Korea. But I told him there was hope, for Itaewon was known for good burgers.

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