A Surprise Mother’s Day Visitor

It’s the kind of thing you have to see to believe: waking up to the sound of a mysterious knock on your door; turning over in bed because you assume someone has the wrong apartment; hearing the knock again and begrudgingly rolling out of bed; opening the door ready to give some random Korean person a piece your mind, when suddenly… you see your mom standing right in front of you.

Crazy right?! And on Mother’s Day weekend of all times! I was shocked and overjoyed, to say the least! If I were someone just reading this post I wouldn’t believe it either. So while my mom and I were out making the most of our short weekend together in Korea, I took pictures every step of the way as proof of all the fun things we did together! Below are the highlights. Hover over or click on each picture for details!

>Happy Mother's Day


To all the beautiful mothers I know:


You are strong


You are fearless


&  I admire you.


Today is a special day for you!

Take a minute to appreciate yourself.


Pick some flowers.


Make some tea.


Paint your nails.


Dear Korea #058

Dear Korea #058

Oh look, another comic about pretty Korean women. To be fair, there are more than enough of those in the country to justify this strip.

Anyways, I’ve learned during my time here that there are so many single women in the country. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with single, but when you see groups of beautiful people that are actively looking for someone to love, you can’t help but question why.

Dear Korea #028

Dear Korea #028

I think this is more of a personal experience for me, if anything. Needless to say, it’s not surprising why my mother didn’t tell me the whole truth when it came to making me eat the stuff.

If you haven’t tried sundae (순대) yet, I highly recommend it. I know some people are put off by the whole idea of “blood sausage” (I know I was when I found out), but if you forget that fact and just try it, you may like it.

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