Moonsoon Season

Well it's that time of year again. The part of summer filled with sticky humidity, gray skies, and a weeks worth of weather forecasts stating only 'scattered thunderstorms'. 

I looked out the window of my apartment this weekend to check on the weather's progress to find my street totally flooded!
 I know some people had it way worse and that the water went into the entry ways of some apartment buildings, or it was up to mid-calf in other places. 

Now if only we could get a rain day off of school I would be a happy camper.

Saturday, June 30 2012


It started raining today. They say it’s the beginning of the monsoon season. All I know is it hasn’t rained properly for over a month. They say it’s the driest summer ever. It’s only June. They say a lot of things.

I just finished making myself a mug of strong black coffee, turned a Tom Waits CD, brought in a reading lamp to the living room and have set myself up for a Saturday of writing in this rain dulled apartment of mine. When I finish that I’ll probably read.

dancing in the rain

I feel like all I have been talking about lately is the weather here in Seoul but it is utterly consuming! It has been raining non-stop with no end in sight. Been trying to keep busy for my last few weeks here regardless but it is hard to keep a positive attitude with the grayness outside. Looking forward to my travels more than ever and hoping that the weather will cooperate for us.  No quote can more properly describe my outlook as much as this one, it has gotten me through some tough times before and continues to inspire me... 

Kaplan on the Middle Asian Lake

I can’t say I’ve always loved what Robert D, Kaplan has written, but I did enjoy what he says in this “Tea with Robert Kaplan” video (sorry, the video uploaded a bit oddly). I’m a bit skeptical about Beijing’s peaceful rise, though. Yet, I heartily agree that the key to American competitiveness in the region is to eschew territorial entanglements,

Here’s a link to Kaplan’s Monsoon. The video, though, is a much more compelling ad than this sensationalistic crap on the site.

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