You won’t be surprised to hear that I’m still Instagramming away. The topic has changed, of course, and as has my user ID. Seeing as I’m no longer in Korea being Conzie in Korea just didn’t seem right, so after a night of brainstorming and the convening of a focus group I decided that the […]

Korea in May


So why no blog post for a while you ask? Well I don’t know. I had something to think about then I realised…whatever…so I stopped. I could have been serious but that would have been something difficult. So I’m on the dry, blog wise. So to cheer you up here are some photographs from May in Korea, which is always a lovely month here.

Monochrome Seoul


I don’t get into Seoul as much as I’d like to. Although recently I’ve been fortunate enough to hit up the tourist trails around Myeong-dong. I miss the big city. The feeling you get as you’re lost in a tidal wave of more people. I miss the main streets, and the side streets. I miss looking up from the cavern floor of a canyon of highrise. I miss getting lost in a world of alleys and emerging and finding my way around because it’s just Seoul.

Walking Home at Night in Yeongtong-dong

Last night was the first real dark night I’ve walked home from this year. I left work around 6pm and by the time I had crossed the street and said goodbye to a coworker it was as dark as December. I won’t prey on your sensibilities with a slew of cliches about walking home alone in a chilly night in October. We’ve all been there. It’s a universal feeling.

Film Drop: B&W, Kodak Tmax 400, Ilford Delta 3200, Ilford hp5

I broke my collarbone skateboarding last weekend and since then I’ve been digging through the archives a bit. I can’t do anything active or get a camera up to my eye yet, so there’s not too much else to do. Here are a few B&W rolls I dug out from the past few months.



Film drop: Ilford hp5 400, fp4 125, delta 3200+kodak tmax 400

Back to monochrome with a few rolls from the last drop. Winding up a late Sunday here in Korea, taking an online traffic course while organizing a messy pile of negatives. Also making plans for a few days down in Jeolla-do exploring the agricultural rice belt. Here are the monochrome outtakes from the last month.
blog- tmax 400

blog- tmax 400

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