Ten Reasons Why I Dislike Korea

There are plenty of reasons to like Korea, and there are plenty of reasons to love Korea, but it has to be said there is an equal number of reasons to dislike Korea.

I won’t call them the sunshine press today because I know that they are also prone to sharing the overcast afternoon news and the even more miserable dark November evening where it pisses down for what feels like a week news, but the Korean blogosphere has been up to its naughty tricks again. This time it has started to talk about reasons why Korea is worth loving, or liking…or tolerating…etc. That fellow Roboseyo whom I keep hearing about has the lowdown here.

A New Vocabulary

A new vocabulary is gradually being learned, a vocabulary of crisis. A very particular crisis. The tsunami and earthquake in Japan shattered the reactors of the Fukishima-Daichi nuclear power plant north of Tokyo on the country’s east coast. If you haven’t heard about this then perhaps you should change the channel on the television or read a different newspaper. With the damage to the plant came a universal threat to everyone, especially those closest to the power plant. Radiation, a slow and silent killer, has been seeping into the air and Pacific Ocean.

The fire at the Fukishima Daichi nuclear power plant which is contributing to the radiation leakage


My ex-boss, internet etiquette and unfortunate placement in the Korea Times

I worked for 2 years at a Min Byoung Chul English Hagwon in Seoul.  As hagwon jobs go, I was treated well and learned a lot about Korea and teaching there.  Dr Min, a minor celebrity in Korea took pretty good care of us.

I thought he had lapsed into obscurity, but perhaps not.

From the Korea Times:

The “Sunfull” Campaign began as a preventive measure to combat cyber bullying by removing anonymous negative comments on online message boards and to encourage people to instead post positive ones. Since it began in May 2007, the Sunfull Movement Campaign Office said Sunday the number of “Sunfull” or positive messages, posted on its website (www.sunfull.or.kr) exceeded 500,000 as of Nov. 1.

How do charter schools compare to hagwons?

The New York review of Books has an article about charter schools and the documentary Waiting for Supermen.

It is a long article and I have not finished reading it, but what I have read is interesting and might relate to Korea’s hagwon culture.

I like the Donga Ilbo

But seriously, Tweeter? (My bolding)

Another internet oddity

Of the spam form, that is.

I recently did a Google search for “Busan Department Store” - I probably left out the capitalization.

The second link was for Asia rooms , which gave me this paragraph:

Vancouver Olympics were near my hometown

At least that’s what this globe would suggest:

Ottawa; that Pacific city

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