An Activity for Measuring Area

I might be preoccupied with leaving Korea, but I still have my job to do. These days the kids are finishing up the chapter on measuring. In a few weeks they will have their final tests and then it's a week and a half off for Christmas!

The measuring unit covers inches, centimeters and area. This kind of subject area is really straight forward but also can be expanded to cover talking about comparatives. Such as, "She is taller than me." So I have been integrating some basic English learning along with the target Math subject area.

Make Math a Subject in the Classroom With These Books for Sale

More cleaning out goodness going on over here. Before I started teaching math at my school two years ago I bought these books to get a sense of how to do it. They were really helpful in understanding how young learners take in Math and also helped me see ways to turn it around into English learning. Therefore they were incredibly useful books and I think would be great for your collection.

If you don't teach Math in your class then these might inspire you to do so, as they have lots of ideas. Also many games and activities are included, which you could easily put in the classroom.

Waves Crashing on Volcanic Rocks

Waves Crashing on Volcanic Rocks


After almost two years in Korea, my wife and I finally made it to Jeju and we were not disappointed.  Outside of the cities, Jeju looks and feels like a tropical island with beautiful greenery, scenery and unique volcanic rock formations everywhere.  We can understand why it is called Korea's Hawaii.  This picture is of the uniquely shaped rocks at Jungmun Daepo Haean Jusang Jeollidae right after a summer storm.

I used an Neutral Density filter to allow for a longer exposure in order to capture the movement of the waves in their battle against the rocks.

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