I've been in Florida a little over 24 hours now. It's amazing here, as always. Most people here live amongst year long greenery and large houses. I don't have photos yet but those will come. Today I woke up tired, so rested some more. Then I headed to the mall to get that plug I needed, and after buying it felt like a fool for paying so much. Found out my brother might have an extra attachment that I need, and so if he finds it I will return this expensive gadget.

The rest of the day I did some shopping in the mall, and walked away with two new bags. Not sure if I will return one.

But it is great seeing Americans and their laid-backness. The casual feeling around me is soothing, and hearing English isn't making me nervous. I guess this time around I'm not really having "reverse culture-shock." Mostly I feel like I'm in a dream and know that I'll be going back to Korea eventually.

David LaChapelle @ SAC

There is an exceptional contemporary art show going on at the Seoul Arts Center featuring the photographic works of David LaChapelle. If you have ever seen the above photo at some time in your life than you might recognize other works such as:

My iPhone Alternative

I really thought I didn't need such a thing as an iPhone, mostly because I have an iPod and a phone and really people don't call me that much. But then my friend was snazzily working away at her iPhone looking at a map and Googling something there on the street. I thought to myself, "Maybe I could use such a thing when I go to Jeju. In case I get lost."

Thus ensued a trip yesterday to the KT headquarters in Gwanghwamun with my friend and her Korean boyfriend (who was kind enough to help me.)

Hair & Joy = Best Place to get a Hair Cut

When it comes to getting your hair cut in Korea I have been here and there trying to find the best place. My needs are a bit different as I have naturally curly hair and don't want someone to style it up after the cut. I just want someone who knows what they are doing and enjoys it too. Places I have had my haircut include: EunhaBNC in Gangnam, Zen Art (cut it way too short), and EunhaBNC in Ewha.

Seoul's Garage Sale: Ttukseom Resort Flea Market

That is a picture of my lunch that I had at a Vietnamese restaurant near the Tteokssom Resort in Seoul. But before I take you into this weekend's adventure I first want to remind you of one of the best parts of modern culture, and that is the garage sale.
I have always enjoyed going to garage sales as a kid.

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