The Gender Politics of Smoking in South Korea: Part 1

( Park Soo-ae {박수에} in A Family {가족; 2004}; source )

As numerous expats can attest to, coming to live in Korea can be quite a jarring experience sometimes. But probably not as much as you’d expect, for Korea too is a modern, developed country, with institutions and services that match – nay, are often better – than equivalents in your home country.

Korean “Double In-Laws”… and Other Dramas!

( Wedding Day by summer park )

An interesting question from Curtis, a reader with a slightly unusual family in which 2 brothers from one family married 2 sisters from another. And as you will see, with logical concerns about how this might be received by Koreans:

Dear James,

Carol's Cooking

Not sure what I ever did to deserve someone that can cook up a storm like Carol.  Not only is her cooking incredible but its the heart that goes along with her cooking.  For example, if she finds out it's your birthday, she'll cake you.  Carrot cake, pineapple upside down cake, dump cake, angel food cake, etc.  Her recent trend is to brownie people.  See previous post.

Anyway, for my birthday she tiramisu'd me.  I know.  I'm butchering this whole grammar thing with my noun-verb usage.

ISKA (International Spouses of Koreans Association) is the official homepage of the International Spouses of Koreans Association (ISKA), a support group for non-Korean women who are married to Korean based in Seoul, Korea. Opened in February 15, 2003, this website aims to serve as a gateway of information related to the marriage and relationship between foreigners and Koreans and to provide a venue for online interaction not only for its members, but also to those who are concerned with the issues on interracial marriages in Korea. As such, everyone is free to have access to the information provided here and to take part in activities that may be of help in improving or enriching its 

A little money for you and your honey

Mortimer Hayden Smyth on health care

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