Let Me Tell You Something about My Korean Parents-in-law

Honey, Thanks for the Additional Calories! ^^



Reading List: The Wedding Banquet Revisited: "Contract Marriages" Between Korean Gays and Lesbians

Published in 2009 in Anthropological Quarterly Vol. 82, No. 2, The Wedding Banquet Revisited: "Contract Marriages" Between Korean Gays and Lesbians is now available on JSTOR. The abstract:

This paper examines how Korean gays and lesbians negotiate South Korea's heteronormative system anchored in the heterosexual and patriarchal family through marriages of convenience ("contract marriages"). Korean gays and lesbians pursued contract marriages in order to fulfill their filial duties to marry, while maintaining their gay and lesbian lifestyles. Yet, in pursuing contract marriages as individuals but in the service of conforming to the family, they both reinscribe and transform the heteronormatie values of marriage, family, and children. They also challenge the Westernized model of the "out and proud" gay or lesbian. 

Who Snores Now, Huh?



Terms of Endearment


Last night, while I was doing my usual beauty ritual before going to bed, my husband said: “You know what, sometimes I forget your name.”

I turned to look at him, a bit amused: “That’s a joke, right?’



For Your Viewing Pleasure: Solomon's Flash Mob Proposal 2012

I found this over at The Mexican and Prince and had to share. The author, Solomon, proposed to his boyfriend in Hongdae park via flash mob. Quite adorable. Watch the Korean bystanders' reactions; some are cheering along while the older ones seem a bit confused.

Dear Korea #068

Oh no, another late update! I sincerely apologize for that. There were actually a number of reasons for this particular comic being delayed. I actually had to rewrite it a few times, and even had to deal with some resistance of posting the whole thing.

For many of us living in Korea, I’m sure we’ve grown pretty familiar with the seriously not cool “The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners” news report. If you’re not familiar with it, feel free to look it up. I can assure you that there is no shortage of blog posts and YouTube videos surrounding the whole issue. I actually found the video somewhat ridiculous, but was very saddened to find out that there are still people who believe it as the truth.

The Marriage Issue and Those who Fight for and Defend the Long Barbaric Act

Dear Korea #062 - One Ring to Rule Them All

Dear Korea #062

This one took a little longer than usual to finish, which is why it’s a few hours late. On the bright side, I’m actually okay with how it came out. Gasp! Shock! Awe! Who knows how long that will last?

어머나! = It’s kind of like the Korean version of “Oh my gosh!”

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