Gayspeak: 동성결혼 Same Sex Marriage

Holding signs reading "동성결혼 합법화" 
(Legalization of Same Sex Marriage) Source

Very simple Korean queer word for my readers today.

동성결혼 (dong-seong-kyeo-ron)

Gayspeak: 위장결혼 Marriage in Disguise

As the theme of Two Weddings and a Funeral, this word kept popping up and it would be good for anyone who wants to watch the show.

위장결혼 (wee-jang-kyeo-ron)

위장 means camouflage or disguise and 결혼 means marriage. In Two Weddings and a Funeral, the main characters have a 위장결혼식 to trick the world into thinking they are not queer (as you can imagine, it doesn't work out too well). The word can be translated as a marriage in disguise, sham marriage, or contract marriage.

Park Won-soon: "Legalization of Gay Marriage Reported by Foreign Press is a Misinterpretation

Sigh. Looks like Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon is backing off from a statement that hinted at a pro-gay marriage stance. Thanks for an anonymous comment for pointing me to this article. From the Hankyoreh (translated by TKQ):

Queer Links from the Week: Mayor Park Won-soo on gay marriage in Korea and Seo Tae-ji Isn't Gay

Seoul Mayor Park won-soo spoke with the San Francisco Examiner last week saying that he wants wants same-sex marriage in Korea as first in Asia. As Park is a possible presidential candidate for the 2017 elections, I hope he can stand by this conviction. This is definitely the biggest news from this week. 

만우절: “April Fool’s Day” in SK


1Have you received or pulled a prank today? April 1st is April Fool’s Day, 만우절 in Korean. My husband woke up very early this morning, and I thought that he was planning to play a trick on me, but he was just watching the news. Perhaps, he got tired of playing tricks, because we have been pranking each other every 만우절 since we got married. I was tempted to turn off the water heater while he was taking a shower, but I remembered he has a cold. He’s taking a nap right now and I’m thinking of drawing a mustache on his face. A friend is coming later. When she sees him, I bet the reaction will be gut-busting! =)

Much Ado about White Day

Today is White Day, 화이트데이 (hwaiteu dei) in Korean. White Day is another special day for couples celebrated on March 14th in some countries in Asia including South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. White Day is similar to Western-style Valentine’s Day wherein men give chocolates, candies, flowers or gifts to their ladylove.

Sookmyung Women’s University Invites Filipina Marriage Migrants to Participate in a Study

All Filipino women married to Koreans are invited to participate in the Filipino Women’s Study spearheaded by Sookmyung Women’s University Food and Nutrition Department. Those who are divorced or separated from their Korean husband may also join. The study aims to to evaluate the health status of Filipino women married to Korean men, as well as their children. Results from this work will be presented in a scientific journal and the mainstream press. Information gathered will help shape health guidelines for Filipino women and their children living in Korea and other countries.

Is all Marriage Created Equal?


After watching the now stratospheric speech by Panti Bliss in the Abbey theatre I had an uncomfortable feeling. Why was ‘she’ so angry at ‘me’? Why did she repeatedly utter the words ‘I check myself’ almost to the point of complete irritation. Why was I so annoyed?

Walking Together – One Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been one year since we got married! We started collecting clips for this video right after we got married. It was Evan’s idea to film us walking in different places throughout the year. A lot of you may not know that before we had this website, we had a blog called “Feet in Places”! When we were traveling around SE Asia we took pictures of our feet in cool places and posted them on our blog. It didn’t last long, and eventually got overrun with scary foot fetish people! haha :P

Anyways I think its a unique way to commemorate our first year of marriage together, and I love the video Evan made. <3 We've decided to make another video this year, but you'll have to wait until next year to find out the theme! ^^

Todd Henry on Arirang TV

Professor Todd Henry spoke on Arirang TV last week on the prospect of gay marriage in Korea. Of course, as this is Arirang television the clip is in English.

The video is available at Arirang TV. Fast forward to 17:25 for the interview.  

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