Anti-gay website launched: LGBT Out Seoul

The LGBT Out Seoul (part of a "Clean Campaign [깨끗한거리]) has created the weirdly useful LGBT Out Seoul website. While their goal is to mobilize individuals to work toward shutting down LGBT businesses in Seoul, Huffington Post Korea has pointed out that the website actually provides quite useful information for LGBT individuals.

Pinkmap Korea

I feel bad for not sharing this map... I must have seen it back in November, but I totally forgot to share. It's very English friendly; whoever made it wanted to include foreigners as well. It has gay places not only in Seoul, but also most large cities in the ROK.
You can search by location or category. For example, maybe you wanna go cruising in Seoul. Apparently you can over at Guro Digital Complex. The more you know.

Korean Map: Daedong Yeojido (대동여지도)

As we talked about maps a few days ago, I figured posting about this would be a good idea. Daedong Yeojido (대동여지도, 大東輿地圖) is a map published in 1861 by Kim Jeong Ho (김정호, pen name Go San Ja 고산자) and remarkable for its accuracy. The map is a National Treasure of Korea (no. 850), it is 360 cm wide and 685cm high, with a scale of about 1:162 000.

Zoomorphic Maps of Korea


Animated Korean History Maps

Don't know what Baekjae or Goguryo are? Do you still think Silla is a Roman general? Looks like you need to brush up on your Korean History. Here are a few animated maps to help you do just that in no time!

Animated Map of Early Korean History

I thought this map was really great, a thousand years of history in a few minutes:

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