mao zedong

Shanghai Living: Jade Buddha Temple, Former residence of Mao Zedong and Contest winner!

Wow it is hard to believe that it has been almost two months in China. Soon it will be Spring Festival here. Spring Festival is China's biggest holiday. I am looking forward to the time off and checking out some things. Travel may be impossible during this time as everyone is travelling in China at that time. I will check out some more things in Shanghai and possibly buy a motorcycle. Ok more than likely I will buy a motorcycle, as long as it stops snowing.

Enjoy the video!

The Pettiest Tyrant in the World

Murderer-FarmerWho’s the worst mass murderer of all times? Pol Pot? Kim Il-sung? Hitler? Stalin? No, it’s Mao Zedong, and for the pettiest of reasons.

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