The Maoul Bus*

I walked up and down the street looking for the bus stop on the opposite side of the street. Where I was going was only four stops away in that direction, but I soon realised that the bus only went in the opposite direction, which left me a good fifteen stops away. I bit the […]

One More Weekend Comes to a Close

Time moves so quickly here! I’ve already got my third week under my belt. fourth, if you count training in Seoul. This weekend I went to the beach, contributed to a pot luck yacht party, ate some super fresh fish at Jigalchi fish market, and went to the beach again, to see some stormy weather. Time for pictures!

Beaching it!

Beaching it!

D-Cube City Spring Display

To celebrate spring this year the modern and hip D-Cube City ( located in Sindorim) put up an amazing display in the center area of the shopping mall.

Lotte ♥ Romantic Altiear

This spring Lotte launched the theme “Romantic Altiear” throughout Korea.  The inspiration was vivid spring colors combined with paper and other textured organic elements ♥  Sadly this time of year the sun or lights seem to hit all the outside window displays at the Lotte next to my house, so I am sorry about the photo quality with these!

♥ ♥ ♥

Overall it was a minimal, but very colorful and fun theme for the start of spring! The colors really got me in the mood to shop for bright colors and the flower designs made of paper for the mannequins are beautiful

Heavy Rain ~ AGAIN!

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!

So I thought the rainy season was done and dusted for this year. It had seemed long enough anyway but after a few days of sun a huge storm has hit Seoul.

I'd been visiting the National Museum of Korea yesterday and was lucky enough to have an umbrella with me when the rain began. Although the umbrella wasn't much use in the end because as you might already know when it rains here, it pours! I got well and truly soaked. Pretty much my head to toe was wet. It wasn't my prettiest moment I have to say.

Then this morning I was actually woken up by the thunder it was so loud. It seems to have been raining throughout the night and from what I read on the Internet this morning this rainy season has broken some records.

Seoul has received over 838mm (33inches) this July and about 400mm of that has fallen yesterday.

Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn to make his directorial debut with ‘Mall’ starring Chelsea Handler

After directing many of his band’s music videos, Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn is set to make his directorial debut with Mall, a film adaption of Eric Bogosian’s dark crime novel of the same name.

Destination: Metapolis (Dongtan, southern Gyeonggi-do)

Author’s note: I credit Seoul Sub>Urban for the inspiration behind a more abstract set of photos.

In the movie Mallrats, our heroes Jay and Silent Bob try to disrupt a dating show filmed in a mall somewhere in suburban America. While Dongtan’s Metapolis didn’t even exist for the 1995 flick, the several floors of stores, ice rink, and food court wouldn’t look too out of place in anytown, America.

Out front is Metapolis’s contribution to modern art – a sphere of colored wires.

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