Crave Alert: Makgeolli

Koreans love rice, and they undeniably love alcohol. So, it’s not surprising that they figured out how to combine the two!

Makgeolli is a Korean rice wine that has a milky texture and is typically white. As an unfiltered alcoholic beverage, makgeolli is made by fermenting boiled rice, wheat, and water. That’s why makgeolli was historically popular among farmers since it was cheap and easy to make, giving itself the nickname nongju, or “farmer liquor.” Just think of makgeolli as legal moonshine for Koreans.

Selling Wine to Korean Women

Writing about sexual symbolism in advertisements for so long, it takes a lot to shock or surprise me these days.

Still, I confess I burst out laughing at this one.

Destination: Baedari Brewery / Traditional Wine Museum (Goyang / Ilsan)

EDIT 10:55AM 25 November 2009: HT to Acorn in a Dog's Food for pointing out an incorrect history lesson - I've removed the offending sentence.

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