To celebrate Korean Parents’ Day (May 8th) and American...

To celebrate Korean Parents’ Day (May 8th) and American Mothers’ Day (May 11th) this year, I made this from video I had taken with my mom during a trip to Hong Kong last year. Full of inside jokes and fun memories, it probably isn’t entertaining to anyone but us, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

It’s been almost four months since my mom and I traveled...

My mom and I are having the best time in Hong Kong. We rode a...

My mom and I are having the best time in Hong Kong. We rode a cable car to the Big Buddha, shopped at the outlets, took a ferry to Macau, and walked the Avenue of Stars. So much more I want to do, but we only have three days left!

A Weekend Warrior’s Guide to… Macau

“A Weekend Warrior: A person who holds a regular job during the week which restricts their ability to party/go on trips/partake in awesome activities, and thus plans epic weekend adventures to compensate.”



Check out the architecture!

Honeymoon: More of Macau's Opulence

The Venetian Hotel complex is one of the most famous landmarks in Las Vegas. Its counterpart in Macau is perhaps less well known, but after recent developments is now larger and more impressive. It is now the largest hotel in Asia and the fourth largest building in the world by area, with floor space covering 980 square kilometres.

Honeymoon: The L'Arc New World Hotel

If I had to choose between really hot weather or really cold weather, I'd probably choose the former. The main reason being that it's nice to hang out in the street under the shade of a tree. Luckily for us though, Korea has four seasons, as every Korean will tell you.

Just like everywhere else outside the tropics.

Honeymoon: The Casinos of Macau

A couple of hundred years before the British colonised Hong Kong, the Portugese were already in Macau under a slightly more amicable agreement. Macau was once a major trading portal for South East Asia, but declined in that role and has since become more famous for its casinos.

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