If you head to the top floor of the Lotte Department Store...

Night Parade at Lotte World

Seoul, South Korea — After Danny’s work, we agreed to meet up at his workplace because he wanted to show me something. Unknowningly, he drove us to Lotte World to watch the night parade. It’s not that I don’t like surprises, don’t get me wrong I really do. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera and visiting Lotte World is a luxury. Although, they offer discounts after 5 in the afternoon and 7 in the evening. So, I had to endure once again my phone camera’s photo resolution.

The night parade starts at 8:30pm and while waiting for it, we strolled around the indoor amusement park.

Ridin' Solo

A cross-country endeavour!

Supermarkets -v- the People?


It has been bothering me since about the time it has been instigated. It’s a simple thing that shouldn’t really get me agitated as it has very little effect on me, and in many respects it is a good principal to take. It’s just that I think it’s the wrong step and I don’t think it really solves any problems, only encourages more populist resolutions to complicated social and economic problems.

What am talking about? Sunday closing for the so-called discount stores in Korea.

Now lets establish some terminology first.

“Discount stores” are what major supermarket chains are called in Korea. These include E-Mart (part of Shinsaegae international), Homeplus (owned by Tesco, the second largest supermarket company in the world), and Lotte Mart, which are the biggest ones.

Born in the USA… Perfected in Korea?

Lotte Giants Opening Day

Lotte Giants Opening Day

Lotte Giants Opening Day. April 2011.

A week in Seoul

A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Seoul. The last time I was in Seoul was the day I arrived in South Korea and barring seeing the interior of airport lounges, a subway car and the glittering Seoul streetlights from the window of the plane I couldn’t really consider Seoul as being ticked off on the list of things to do. Kate planned to visit me and with my academy gratiously granting my holiday request we planned an extensive trip trip to the Paris of Asia.

Monday, April 18th.

Pepero Day

Today is Pepero Day.  Each November 11th, Korea becomes a maniacal frenzy of the purchase and trade of chocolate covered biscuit sticks   – Pepero – which are manufactured, heavily marketed and distributed by one of the largest conglomerates in both Korea and Japan: the Lotte Corporation.

Creative Korean Advertising #19: Underappreciated Konglish

Lotte DC Card Commercial( Source )

For all my critical analysis of Korean commercials over the years, first impressions still really last on me.

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