Film Drop: Holga 120, New Kodak Portra

Summertime, color film, and a plastic holga seem to have a symbiotic relationship. I’ve been carrying mine around a lot lately. Compared to some of the sleeker machines this plastic contraption of lo-fi goodness can’t quite cut it in the IQ  department, but something about a set of warbled and warped images seems to capture the strange vibe of a place. I’ve been toying with the idea of making a project out of these images that end up feeling like 70′s post-cards. I try to apply this camera to street photography, yet it just doesn’t work. I take it for weird urban landscapes, and everything looks crooked. I’m hoping after a year I can have enough frames that stick together solely by their inability to fit a genre. Anyway, I plan to keep carrying this thing. I have a few BW 120 rolls sitting in front of me, but I think I need to keep this thing techni-color.

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