Seoulcialite takes on Seoul Fashion Week

With my new schedule I still hardly have time to breathe.  Two and a half weeks into my time in Seoul I was pretty much ready to call it quits with designers who had expressed interest in having their Fall/ Winter 2016 styles profiled on The Toronto Seoulcialite, only to still find no tickets in my new mailbox 24 hours before their shows.  Designers (well…people in general) can be fickle and disorganized, so I was ready to spend my Saturday catching up on sleep and Shonda Rhimes.  Star (of 87Pages) convinced me to get my ass outta bed at the crack of dawn on Saturday to take in the madness of Fashion Week in Seoul.

We arrived expecting a massive crowd quite early, but the place was pretty empty.  It was really nice to take in the first really warm weather of the season with the beautiful, modern architecture of Dame Zaha Hadid’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza where Seoul Fashion Week is held.  Stepping out of my taxi there was an eerily pristine moment of calm before the storm in which I got to admire the building and its empty surroundings bathing in sunlight from all angles.  I reflect on that moment now, just having found out that Hadid, first woman as well as the first Muslim to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, died of a heart attack only 5 days later on March 31st, 2016.


Keeping Fit In Korea


I’ve spoken before about healthy eating in Korea and explained why I find it easier to follow a healthy diet here than at home in England. The other part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is obviously to exercise. Before coming to Korea I’d switch between using the gym and going for runs outside. Since moving, I’ve found some aspects of keeping fit easier, others more difficult.

Saying Goodbye To Sugar


There’s been a big change in nutritional advice over the past few years; while before, fatty foods were seen as the worst thing for your diet, evil options which instantly add inches to your waist and clog your arteries, nowadays it’s sugar which is viewed as the enemy. Things with a higher fat content like eggs are suddenly ‘superfoods’, and nutritionists are advising increased consumption of such foods, advising people to restrict their sugar intake instead.

Photographers in Korea

If you are into photography and you are into Korea, a fine combination of the two can be found in [ P I K ], a new enough free online magazine which uses the accronym of its description Photographers in Korea, as its name. More specifically: “PIK is an online photography magazine featuring contemporary photography […]

Los Angeles and Me


Being grown and bred from LA, I was exposed to gangsters, hippies, drugs, etc.  America’s good at exposing these things and frankly, I loved it.  Because it definitely has made me who I am today.

The first time I heard California Girls by Katy Perry somewhere in Seoul, I started screaming out of joy and started dancing!  It’s just something CA girls do, and I know other girls do it to.

Throughout my time in college, I was an environmentally conscious person, smoked weed, wore no shoes to class, and embraced being a lover of all things.  I bought some decals and cut out huge peace symbols and stuck them on my car.

I remember smoking weed with a friend while we were sitting on the grass out of an apple.

Weekend: ENGLAND!

I can't believe it's already the 2nd of December! That means my Monday morning started with 2 pieces of my advent calendar chocolate bar! Small things!
Advent Calendar
I have to say that my first weekend in England feels more like a week, just because I managed to get so much done. I'm all cobwebby and dusty at the moment as I've spent today running up and down into the attic, trying to clear out some of my things! I feel insanely energised after going to bed really early last night after a long weekend! But this pile that I need to sort out makes me kind of feel exhausted!

Goodbye Korea!

It's a grey and rainy November morning in England. We finally got back last night after a long, long journey. It doesn't feel like we've actually left Korea, it feels like we'll be going back in a week or so! We've met so many amazing people and done hundreds of things I never though I would do. No doubt there'll be some nostalgic posts in the weeks to come.

But our last couple of days in Korea were very hectic and I was relieved to get on the plane after what felt like a long week!

On Friday I said goodbye to all of my students and co teachers. It was really sad to say goodbye as it may be the last time that I see them again. They were all really cute and gave me some gifts, letters and cards.
6th graders

What's in my Bag?

Ahhh packing. I view it with equal amounts of loathing and love. I love being prepared and organised, but at the same time it's such a stress. I'm always whittling, does it weigh too much? Is it all going to fit in? I remember my first ever post on this blog was about how hard it was to pack for Korea. Now I've spent 2 years here and have to try and get everything I've acquired back again. I don't know what's more stressful!

I have just managed to get 6 bags down to 2 suitcases and my hand luggage. So here're the things I didn't need to think twice about packing for my hand luggage on the long flight. (13 and a half hours in total...oh no!)


My favourite skater! I wish I could do half of that stuff off skates, never mind on skates! Can you spot a Korea reference in the video?!

Follow me...

Our Weekend: Coupling last weekend in Busan

A long, long time ago, I mentioned about coupling in Korea. This is where young couples coordinate their outfits so they're wearing the same thing as a public display of their love for each other. Quite sickening, but cute at the same time. It's been an ongoing joke with the girls about making the boys couple, so for our leaving do, Nick and I decided to set coupling as the theme! I always wonder if the couples have to call each other in the morning and ask what they're going to put on. Do they couple on days when they're not going to see each other? So many questions!

We gave the girls a budget, and they were let loose to buy an outfit for their loved one and themselves. Needless to say, hilarity ensued when we all met up on Saturday night and unveiled the outfits! It didn't take long before the boys made it clear that they actually liked their outfits.

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