Korea: A Low Trust Society?

An interesting article in the Korea Herald recently caught my eye (HT to ROKDrop and William on KBC for posting about it previously). The article featured a lot of mixed themes between trust, lying, legal and cultural points but wading through it does make for an interesting societal discussion. The listed facts and figures can’t really tell the whole story in this situation and while raw numbers have increased, I would present it as evidence of Korea becoming a more litigious society with expanding impersonal ties leading to more accusations.

Certified Translator or Translation Service in or near Busan

I am registering my son's birth with the Canadian consulate, but one important form is not available in English (from any Korean government office at all, apparently) - it is the 가족관계증명서 (family relations certificate). I need to include this document, with a translation from a certified translator and some kind of affidavit to verify the translation. 

Where do I find this "certified translator"? My internet searches have not proven fruitful, so I was wondering if anyone here has gone through this and can point me in the right direction.

On ATEK, forming a teachers union, and what you can do

A couple of stories about foreign English teachers forming a union made some headlines earlier this month. Some encouraging words from the Korea Herald article:

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