Rage on the Range


cliven-bundy-1It’s so seductive, so romantic, so quintessentially 


cliven-bundy-1 It’s so seductive, so romantic, so quintessentially American: One man, a rugged individualist, standing up to an overreaching, abusive government that has singled him out for example-making. He is a quiet, industrious man just working the land, just as his family has done for generations before him, and now Big Brother wants to put an end to it, in the name of a tortoise. But the jack-booted thugs have crossed the line in the desert sand. This old coot is not going to budge. He’s going to make a stand. Is it any wonder why so many people in America are coming to defense? Or are the issues really that cut and dry?

Go support some fellow expats at the Filipino market

It's a little disheartening to read "Seoul’s Filipino market to be cut in half" because of 'complaints from local residents'. So says the Joongang Daily:

Anti-Racism Law Proposed by Korean politician

A potentially major story breaking on a Saturday afternoon - from the Korea Times (hat tip to Korean Rum Diary for first blogging about it):
A ruling party lawmaker is to propose legislation that would define racism
and set out punishments for racist acts.

The bill, if endorsed later this year, will become the first legal attempt
to fight racism in South Korea, where various forms of discrimination
originating from skin color and state of origin exist.

Rep. Chin Young of the Grand National Party (GNP), the president of a
parliamentary discussion group on a multiracial society, said an anti-racism
bill will be submitted to a regular session of the National Assembly for
approval, which will begin on Sept. 1.

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