Rant and Rave 5: How many fingers…?

It’s funny how something I see every day here in Korea stirs memories of primary school in England. During that time, my days sitting at the back of the classroom were numbered as it became harder and harder for me to read what the teacher was writing on the board. My difficulties were not really noticed until my first visit to an optometrist. It was there I was diagnosed with mild astigmatism and recommended that I needed aid in the vision department. To me, having my eyesight corrected was nothing short of a miraculous opening up of the world. Suddenly, I could fully enjoy growing up in the heyday of Thundercats, Grotbags, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and other such delights that I considered to be the finer things in life. So, to sport my affections, I chose a pair of tortoise-shell blue frames for my first glasses.

Laser Eye Surgery?

 So has anyone had laser eye surgery here in SK? I'm interested and looking into options. If you could list resources you know of, stories of quality, or any relevant information I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

Best Botox Busan Bar None - Somyon

RODEM plastic surgery
Girls (and maybe guys) ! Best grade botox/price hands down in Somyon.
Best Botox Busan Bar None

Baby smooth skin in 7 days .

6-8 months  (the strong stuff -there are 2 grades) effect depending on age and original skin condition .

I've tried 3 other places here and they either are overpriced or the effect length is shorter.
Clinic has recently MOVED near Migliore Shopping Mall in Somyon (near the main subway junction ) .

Leave your number and an English-speaking worker can give you directions...

Woman surgeon speaks great English.
200,000 won for most people under 35 - other places can be 300,000 won and up for the weaker stuff.It takes 2 visits to work so relax if it is not 100% correct after 5 or so days , you have to go back again.


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