Yes, You Can Get That in Korea. And That. That, Too

Expats of the ROK, stop if you’ve heard this one: You can’t get “____” in Korea.

“I love Korea,” the imaginary newly-established English teacher from various western countries of the world of yesterday would say to other newly-established English teacher friends at the lone expat-friendly drinking establishment in town, over bottles of Hite because, you can’t get decent beer in Korea, and Hite’s at least better than Cass. “But, you can’t get decent cheese here. You can’t get avocados here. I would kill for some kettle-cooked chips. Powdered coffee is gross, some coffee beans would be nice. What about some toothpaste with fluoride? My teeth are going to rot out of my skull!”

How do you Sunday Funday?

I've been staying in on Saturday nights to take full advantage of Sunday mornings and it's been paying off.  The past couple of Sundays have been pretty spectacular.  Great friends, great food, lots of walking - just a grand ol' time before heading back to work on Monday (let's be candid - my job is great and I don't start work until 12 PM Noon so every weekend feels a little longer than back home!).

It just keeps getting better!

Busan Begins

Weekend Rocks 8/29-9/1

Shows this weekend:


Outlier and a Nirvana Cover Band @ Vinyl Underground, No cover, 9pm

Our Weekend: Freezing For A Reason

Friday saw the end of Winter camp and the start of a four day weekend, which is always welcome. And this weekend was particularly packed with friends and fun things to do.

On Saturday Nick and I headed to the beach early to take part in the Freezin' For A Reason January dip in the ocean for charity. I was umming and aarring about whether to do it or not, and at the last minute decided that I couldn't let Nick do it on his own. I won't be doing that again in too much of a hurry.
Before the dip. Shall I? Shan't I?

Eating near KSU/Pukyong

The KSU Pukyong area just became more delicious. Check out E.U. on the 2nd floor across from The Fry Pan if you're in the neighborhood.  Dollar beers, great burritos, pasta, and dessert.  As a vegetarian I have almost starved in Daeyeon dong so am compelled to pass this new find on to others.  It just opened so check it out.  


The owner used to run the good burrito shop in PNU.  If he still does take out the # is 010-5688-6303

Black Light Party @ Blue Monkey

Repeats every day until Sat May 19 2012 .
Friday, May 18, 2012 - 22:00

Yup! It's about that time for everyone to throw on somethin white, grab some highlighters and come draw all over each other in the BLaCk LiGhTs at the Blue Monkey Bar in Kyungsung (KSU)!! We'll provide the glow bracelets, you bring the hot glowin bodies!!

For the occasion...

DJ NINE will be puttin a bit of house twist into his hip hop mix and we'll be serving 3,000W Gin/Vodka Tonics so that your drink can get it's glow on w/ ya!

Check out our event at: http://www.facebook.com/events/370667592981427/

Also, add BlueMonkey KSU on FB and be one of the first to know about upcoming events!!




Cinco de Mayo at Blue Monkey in KSU!

Saturday, May 5, 2012 - 21:00

As we all know, Cinco de Mayo is a GREAT excuse to celebrate and throw a party...so that's EXACTLY what we'll be doing at Blue Monkey this Saturday!!

FUNKED UP & SOULED OUT Vol. 7 (Funk & Soul Dance Party)

Friday, May 4, 2012 - 22:00


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