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President Park

Yesterday in class I suggested that my students say “What do you think of…” instead of “Howabout…?”, since the latter is a pseudo-Konglish-y phrase thrown around all the time by even the most advanced learners as a segue from one topic into another—”Howabout Ameleekano?” was the inspirational disaster hurled my way in a fascinating discussion of coffee preferences (“Why do you like it?” “It is very delicious.”)—and as a more interesting example and possible kindler of more fruitful conversations I said the students could ask each other what they thought of Park Geun-hye, the new president of South Korea and the daughter of the dictator and (more-or-less) founder of the country, Mr. Controversy, Park Chung-hee. There was at once a collective gasp from the entire classroom. Eighteen students gaped their mouths and eyes: I had committed some sort of faux pas.

Changes In The Weather

Oceanic, the wind was gushing about the campus yesterday, hurling itself against doors and windows, tearing the last dry yellow leaves from the gingko trees and ripping up carpets of browning foliage from the earth. It was cold, too. Nothing to write home about (as though anyone writes home anymore), not even quite cold enough for snow, but cold enough to redden your nose and put some snot gleaming in that least-appreciated of human canyons, the philtrum.

Question from a reader: does Korea accept A-level certificates?

A reader writes in:
Dear sir ( or Mr Chris?) I chanced upon your blog through korea.com and was thankful that I can finally ask questions regading life in Korea. I'm Atikah, 18 years female from Singapore. Since I will be taking my A Level Cambridge paper to qualify for university, I am wondering if Korean universities accept A level certificate. To put it simply, I want to experience life in Korea. I have heard of the university entrance exams but do I have to undergo that? And I am not a native in Korean. Other than writing and reading hangul (sometimes without even knowing the meaning, hahaha) I am an idiot. Have you ever experience teaching foreign students? I am curious to know about the students' life on how they adapt to the culture. I look forward to your reply.

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