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Learn Korean With Star Wars Korean Movie Titles

Hey Korean movie buffs, today we’re going to learn Korean by studying the Star Wars Korean movie titles.

With the recent release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, everybody everywhere is talking about Star Wars, and we believe you should never miss an opportunity to study Korean when you can!

When foreign movie titles are translated into Korean, sometimes they keep their name and are written using the Korean pronunciation of the English title. However, sometimes the titles are translated into Korean – and the Star Wars movies are a bit of both!

Each Star Wars Korean movie title begins with 스타워즈 (Star Wars) plus the episode (에피소드) number. As you can see, these words are just the English words written in Korean and your only task is pronouncing them like a Korean!

The Suck Up Project: Mr. XXX-Kisser

On my last trip (to Italy) I got to watch several movies since I was seating appart from my sister, I mostly watch TV shows in long flights but this time I ended up watching a Korean movie, the Tittle catched my attention and decided to give it a shot.

The KCC in Mexico

Hi everyone!!

Looks like I'm back and ready to keep on blogging, somehow a few days after I posted about my break I got some inspiration, started editing a video of the WKB Tour from September '12 and decided to make a "Korean Night" at home, a few friends, my sis and I kind of have this new tradition to make a "Country night" everytime one of us Travel.... so far we've only had an "Italian night", a "Vegas night" and next we'll have a "Mochis Night"** and a "Korean Night", we usually make typical food from the place and play some music, I still haven't decided what will I be cooking but I'm sure Kimchi will have a very special place at the table!

Korean Musicals

If you are looking for a Korean musical you are in luck but only partially as I can only find two true musicals but multiple other films with singing/singers. Here is an overview.

구미호 가족 (Gu.mi.ho ga.jok)
The Fox Family

Punch (Wan-deuk-i)

Friendly Ghost Films


Horror films in Korea typically involve an apparition and there are plenty of these films. But not all ghost movies are scary. These are my favorite friendly ghost films from Korea and all are comedy-drama genre.

헬로우 고스트 (Hel.lo.u Go.su.tu)
English Title – Hello Ghost

Unique Situation Romantic Films from Korea


These are my top unique situation romantic films from Korea. They deal with time travel, an alternative universe, and getting married to a high school student because grandpa says so.

시월애 (Si.wol.ae) literally “Time Transcending Love”
English title – Il Mare

시월애 (Si.wol.ae)

The Most Searched Movies in Korea for the year 2011


Watch the Top 10 Movies in South Korea for the year 2011. These movies were searched the most on Google for the year 2011 as per Google Zeitgeist data for South Korea. And the best part is that, 3 Hollywood movies have featured in this list.

Watch Code-name Azumma online – an infectiously cute movie

Codename Azumma - by H Culture Studio, South Korea

On any give day, our Azumma can be found at Big Mart competing against her like-minded peers for the ultimate prize: cheap but high quality goods. She outwits and used incredible strength to acquiring the perfect shirt for her son.

At home, she eagerly awaits for his arrival. A carefully prepared full-course dinner sits on the dining table. The prized shirt beckons to be tried on by its new owner. Finally, he walks in through the door. But, he walks directly into his private sanctuary, his bedroom.

There was no, “Wow, dinner smells great!” nor was there any “Thanks for the cool shirt, mom!”

UTV to remake Korean Movie – My Girlfriend is an agent – in Hindi

My Girlfriend is an Agent

The buzz is that “UTV has bought the rights of blockbuster South Korean film My Girlfriend Is An Agent, with Imtiaz Ali and wife Preety on board”

Imtiaz Ali, the man behind the successful hindi movie – Jab we met – will don the hat of creative producer whereas his wife Preety Ali would co produce the movie. Choreographer Bosco of the famous Bosco-Caesar duo will direct the project.

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