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The Baby Box – Disabled Orphan Drop Off in South Korea



It’s not all exotic food, beautiful temples, and glitzy K-Pop in the ROK. South Korea is no different than any other nation in the world in this way. It’s made up of people. The broad spectrum of personalities, desires, views on life, and morality is as wide as you’ll find anywhere else.

4 Things in Korea I Will Never Get Used To

I’ve officially entered my third year teaching in South Korea.  I’m settled into my new apartment and have already started teaching at my new elementary school.  It’s a challenging and exciting time.  On the same token, it causes me to reflect on all my experiences since I started.  From body-altering judo injuries, to eating dog soup (yes I did it!), to meeting the wrath of ajummas getting on the subways.

As I reflect, I recount the things that I grew accustomed to, learned to accept, and also those things that just won’t get through to me.  The things I will NEVER get used to.

Why Korean Men and Women Marry Foreigners (Matchmaking Poll)

I’m not big on talking about the whole dating and marriage thing, but when I came across this article I figured I wouldn’t be the only one who was intrigued.  The Chosen Ilbo recently reported a poll taken by matchmaking company, Bien-Aller, about the reasons why Korean men AND women make their choices to marry someone from outside their own ethnic and cultural group.

According to the poll, 32.1 percent of the men said they felt the biggest benefit of marrying foreign women is their lack of interest in their groom’s educational background and financial or social status

For me, the reasons Korean men and women make their choices, according to this poll, were not what I expected.  The next three most popular reasons for seeking a foreign bride?

Kim Jong Un Has a Smartphone!!

Smartphone Kim Jong Un Has a Smartphone!!Will miracles never cease.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the other day that the infamous, fearless leader of the Hermit Kingdom is now equipped with a smartphone.  The article over at North Korea Tech (.org) explained how North Korea is now getting into handheld device game by introducing their own smartphone.

Making Cake in a Mug with Middle School Korean Girls

English camp comes at the start of Summer and Winter breaks.  It generally lasts about 10 days and the day usually ends before noon.  At least that’s how it was at my school.  Camps are usually on the drab side as I’m left looking for activities that will keep the students engaged and showing up as camp wears on.  This time around, the English Department put together a much more fun and interesting schedule including trips to the English radio station, Gyung-Ju historical region of Korea, and English library.

In addition to this, I was asked to do a cooking class.  Now the irony of this is probably too difficult to put to words.  I’m one who has trouble boiling water and even run the risk of burning it if I wasn’t careful.  Nonetheless, it’s how I would roll for English Camp this summer.  Celebrity chef style.  The recipe I was asked to prepare with the students?  Cake in a Mug.

The Magnificent Local Markets of South Korea

Peppers%2BEdited The Magnificent Local Markets of South KoreaYou may have heard about the indoor/outdoor markets in South Korea.  They are wonderlands for the investigative type.  If you like snooping around local shops to see what the natives are buying, then spend some of your free time in the markets.  They are located in essentially every region of every city in Korea.  No matter what it is that you may be looking for, you’ll likely come across it at the markets.

The Eden Center: A Haven for Korea’s Highly Gifted Kids

How About Some Steamed Silkworms? 번데기!!

By Jen Lee

Weird weather makes me feel weird. I am so not looking forward to the hotter months. I wish I stopped feeling weird.

Despite my love for Korean food, I have been known to be terribly picky. As much as I adore most of the amazing street food this country has to offer, there are some things I just won’t touch. One of them is the dreaded beondegi (번데기).

Worries and Wishes: A Korean Soldier Considers the Call-Up for War

Originally Published on TheThreeWiseMonkeys.com

By Bumhyun Kim

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few weeks, you’ll know that the North Korean regime has been stepping up their usual threats. As usual, the Western media is indulging in its typical fear-mongering while the Koreans living right below the dictatorial insanity are shrugging their shoulders and going about their lives. I’m one of those Koreans.

The Same Same But Different of the ROK


Originally Published on ThreeWiseMonkeys.com

By Ms. V

Is there a more charming Asian phrase than, “same same but different”? If there is, I haven’t found it. After traveling in Southeast Asia and discovering this lovely phrase, I had high hopes that I would also encounter it here in South Korea. Sadly, it seems not to have migrated, which is a shame because it really is quite useful.

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