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The Truth about Dokdo: An Interview with Prof. Yuji Hosaka (Podcast Pt. 2)

By Iwazaru

Listen to Part 1.

Professor Hosaka holds one of his Dokdo books in his Sejong Univ. office.

The Truth about Dokdo: An Interview with Prof. Hosaka (Pt. 1)

By Iwazaru

Prof. Hosaka holding one of many Japanese maps that show 
Dokdo as Korean territory.

The Korea-Japan Island Dispute: Dokdo or Takeshima?

By John M. Rodgers

Dokdo. The lighthouse, helipad and dock can be seen on the smaller islet of Suhdo.

Ironman KOREA: Jeju Island, Summer of 2011


By Leann Peters

An amazing event was held in Korea last weekend: the Ironman triathlon. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile ride, and a 26.2 mile run.  Massive! They also offered the Half Ironman, which is half the distance, and the race that I did. Here is how it went down on race day for me.

Race Morning and the Swim

Young American Man Erupts on Bus Confronting Older Korean Man

By Iwazaru
[UPDATE] According to Herald Media and the Joongang Daily the assailant said to the police that there was some confusion and that he thought the 61-year-old man, a Mr. Seon, was demeaning black people. The Joongang quotes the police saying, “The suspect said that he felt humiliated by Seon’s words, and it really fired him up,” a Bundang Police official said. “He didn’t deny the assault, so we will charge him soon without detention.” In addition, the man said he’s willing to apologize to Mr. Seon.

The Convoluted Case of Pvt. Andre Fisher

By Iwazaru and Marie Kulik

At 6:05 p.m. on Monday, August 29, 3WM confirmed with Andre Fisher’s attorney that Fisher has 48 hours to decide whether or not to appeal his case to the Supreme Court of Korea.  3WM will update when notified of the decision.

Editors’ Note: The previous editorial stance and coverage on 3WM surrounding Andre Fisher has been redacted due to misinformation. 3WM is determined to present a factual, thorough and unbiased account of the Andre Fisher case.

Once More Into The Deep – Another Anthropology of Another Foreigner in his beloved Korea (Pt. 2)

By Conor O ‘Reilly

The Booking Club in Ilsan: Booked for the First Time

By Whitney Marie Butler

What is it? Well, it’s a club… but different.

The booking club is a mysterious and alluring mistress; a uniquely Korean experience. Just two shots shy of a whore house, lost stumbling somewhere between the front porch and the sidewalk.

7 Things About Korea: Street Food

With my departure from Korea around the corner, I realize I haven't written quite as much about my life here as I had originally hoped. It seems strange that I could churn out an entry a day when I was working a desk-job in Sydney, but while living abroad and dealing with new challenges everyday - I have sometimes gone weeks without a post.

One of Korea's signature snacks - gimbap. Rice, seaweed, pickle, cheese, and spam. Cheap and fairly healthy.

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