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Bush Wore a Hanbok

As I was taking my look at the front page of The New York Times, I browsed through a set of photos. Ones of nation leaders wearing the traditional costume of Asian nations. And then I stumbled upon seeing Bush wearing a hanbok in 2005.

Korean Home Remedies and Other Cultural Insights

Beautiful South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo

Korean Home Remedies

Korea has many household remedies from primitive days that has been passed down through the generations by ancestors. Such remedies are called Min-Gan-Yo-Beop (민간요법) and they are used even today to take care of day to day sickness. Some of them are listed below.

The Secret behind Korean Women’s beautiful flawless skin -

Understanding South Korea

Here is a beautiful video about South Korea. But in my opinion, it could also work as a 5 min pitch by the Korean Inc. to the world out there. It very nicely puts together some  important highlights of Korea:

Books for Kids – Korean Folk Tales & Grandmother Stories


In this series, we present you 7 books which are popular among kids in Korea. These books cover Korean Folk Tales, Stories, Proverbs, Songs, Easy Recipes and many more to get your kid acquainted with the Korean Culture.

Bee-Bim Bop!
by Linda Sue Park, Ho Baek Lee

A wonderful paperback picture book about the joys of family and food, from Newbery Award winning author Linda Sue Park.

Books about Korean History & Korean War


In this series, we present you the top 6 books on Korean War and Korean History.

The Koreans: Who They Are, What They Want, Where Their Future Lies
by Michael Breen

Yongmunsa: Pt. 2 Gigantic Gingko Tree

Behold! A very gigantic gingko tree, which the Yongmunsa temple is famous for and said to be around 1,000 years old reaching about 130 feet tall.

Yongmunsa: Pt. 1 The Way Up

For three years now I have heard how you have to get out into the countryside and up in the mountains to see the best Fall foliage. Year after year passed and I never fully experienced this seasonal phenomena as it should be taken in.

Finally, this weekend I picked myself up and got on the Jungang train heading to the last stop, Yongmunsan station.

Gyeongju Tree Heaven

Back in the 7th, 8th, and 9th centuries, Korea was ruled by a kingdom called Silla.  Its capital was Gyeongju–a city northeast of Busan and an hour and a half by train. It’s loaded with history: hilly tombs called Tumuli, a royal pond called Anapji, and a temple called Bulguksa are just a few of the sites that draw crowds in the thousands to explore.

Samcheonggak: Above the noise

Even when you think you are starting to know every nook and cranny of the place you live in, another one comes along to surprise you. This is how I felt when I recently visited Samcheonggak a site up in the mountain side above Samcheongdong street area.

Ansan Mountain – Nature in the Urban Jungle

Mount ansan, ansan, hike seoul, hiking seoulAt the heart of a 10 million inhabitants city like Seoul, who would expect to find a great hiking spot like Ansan mountain? When you need a break from the noise and the crowd climb one of the many slopes for a mini retreat.

Hidden among the trees are several exercise areas, Korean style picnic tables and even a natural spring. Koreans are really fond of hiking, especially ajummas and ajhussis (middle aged Koreans) who sport colorful hiking gear and walk-up with their friends.

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