Korea E2 visa

Losing Friends: the nature of working in Korea

If you come to Korea to make new friends, seek new adventures, save money and travel, you have definitely made the right decision. Korea provides all that. One thing to consider, that you may not bargain for, is that your new friends will be saying “see ya later” in a short time. That is, if you plan to stay beyond your first contract year.

Safety tips for foreigners living in S. Korea

Recently, I have learned of a fellow foreigner here teaching English who became a victim of assault. In a country where safety is a noted luxury (especially comparing to my home country), it inspired me to make a safety tips video. I made a video because well, let’s face it, not many people READ a lot anymore. :(  Here is a link to this video if you want to check it out.

Take care, I hope all your Korean experiences are wonderful!

FBI Criminal Background Check Blunders

Living abroad is not easy for anyone.  [Side note: I am sure that living in the US as a foreigner is even worse if you are not fluent in English, given the general distain for non-English speakers and the general lack of willingness to help others- likely for fear falling victim to a crime.] For me, the great times FAR outweigh the bad times so I chose a life of foreign living. However, there are moments in time when everyone (who lives abroad) wants to give rude hand gestures to their host country and call it quits. Prolonged moments are labeled as culture shock. No matter how long you have been in a country, it IS possible to experience culture shock. But, that is not what this blog is about (really) so let’s move on to the subject at hand: FBI Criminal Background Checks.

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