Korea on a budget

Budget Travel Tip: Gangwon Shuttle Service

Traveling in Korea doesn't have to break the bank. It's also easier than one might imagine, even for foreigners. Especially for foreigners.

In an effort to increase tourism in their regions, many provincial governments have begun to offer special services to international guests. Lucky us! One such example is the Gangwon Shuttle Service sponsored by Gangwon Province. This shuttle bus is a great way for foreigners to experience Korea's most breathtaking natural landmarks as well as some of its best festivals.

Skiing with the Gods: Hi 1 Resort under 100,000 Won

When you discover you’ve got an unexpected holiday at the beginning of February called “Lunar New Year,” and you realize it means five days in a row free of children shouting and the sound of pencils dropping to the classroom floor in a sporadic yet persistent pattern, you’re stoked.  Really stoked.  (I love my students, honestly. But the volumes they are capable of producing continue to astonish me daily.)  The question is, what to do with the gift of a mini-break?  And how to do it on the cheap?



From left: Dianna, Bryan, Elliot, Tabitha, Joe, me, Branden


Budget Luxury #1:Malbec Under 9,000 Won



If you’re anything like me, life in Korea might feel like a slippery balance between squirreling away as much Won as possible each month while still spicing up your days with a little indulgence every now and then.  Living on ramyeon and spending weekends indoors with your wallet locked up may be good for the number crunchers at Student Loans, but it takes a toll on your spirit.  As a former boss of mine in Canada once said after an overtime shift and a general discussion of finances, “you gotta live.”

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