Teacher Kimbap

Kim Seon Saeng: If you see this Kimbap Chain make sure to head inside and check it out.  Not that my kimbap experiences have exactly been vast, but having lived in Vancouver I experienced my fair share of sushi and kimbap and know what I like (and this, my friends, I liked!).

How to Make Tasty Tuna Kim Bop


Going Gluten-Free in Korea (I’m trying.)

7 Things About Korea: Street Food

With my departure from Korea around the corner, I realize I haven't written quite as much about my life here as I had originally hoped. It seems strange that I could churn out an entry a day when I was working a desk-job in Sydney, but while living abroad and dealing with new challenges everyday - I have sometimes gone weeks without a post.

One of Korea's signature snacks - gimbap. Rice, seaweed, pickle, cheese, and spam. Cheap and fairly healthy.

How the Sushi Rolls Start

Just like this, with square sheets of seaweed pressed and sun-drying on a row of wooden rolling mats.  In Korea, I eat more tuna kimbap–seaweed rolled up with rice, radish, sesame leaf, and a spoon of mashed-up tuna–than sushi, but it all starts with that dark algae plucked from the cool Asian waters. 


Seaweed drying on Ulleungdo Island

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