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Korea 2012 Looks Like Fun (Audio)

Diane Rehm posts yet another show devoted to the “Rising Tensions on the Korean Peninsula“, featuring Ambassador Wendy Sherman, Michael Green, Leon Sigal, and Kurt Campbell. The one guest whose comments stood out for me was Sherman’s. Her call for a medium-to-long-term commitment to a political settlement on the peninsula, without shelving the short-term value of the Six-Party format, complements Charli Carpenter argument on bhTV about regime change. And then, Sherman just sounded scary. All those elections in 2012 are a recipe for all manner of foolishness.

New Voices on North Korea

It's good to have new blood discussing the DPRK problem. The K-Sphere needs new grist for its pettiness. I'm heartened that Joshua Eisenman brings up American culpability for the situation, although he's not explicit. I would start with at least the Treaty of San Francisco of 1952. But, mostly it's important to recall his argument [...]

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