Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong Promotes ‘The Hangover Part II’ in Seoul

Ken Jeong, who plays ‘Mr. Chow’ in both Hangover films, arrived in Seoul earlier this week to promote the release of The Hangover Part II in South Korea.

The Future of Chang on NBC’s ‘Community’

As the self-proclaimed “El Tigre Chino,” Ken Jeong‘s character on NBC’s comedy Community has always been the most outlandish out of an ensemble cast of quirky misfits, but creator Dan Harmon reveals that we’ve only just begun the journey into the “insane” mind of Ben Chang.

Returning to Greendale with a new job as a security guard, Ben will be given a more in-depth background including a story told in noir-style about his earlier life.

Ken Jeong: “This is the happiest I’ve been in my career.”

Ken Jeong honored as “Breakout Comedy Star of the Year”

Ken Jeong, one of our favorite comedy actors, will be awarded “Breakout Comedy Star of the Year,” at the Just For Laughs Comedy conference in Montreal later this month, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Stayin’ Alive’: Ken Jeong teaches how to save a life in new PSA

Actor Ken Jeong teaches how disco and hands-only CPR can save a life in a hilarious public service announcement for the American Heart Association. A doctor in real life, the Hangover star outlines the two steps to remember: 1. Call 911 and 2. Push the chest hard and fast to ‘Stayin’ Alive.”


Ken Jeong is Fast Don’t Lie for Adidas

Ken Jeong keeps banking on his funny man fame.  He scored big with Adidas and their new fall promotion of basketball sneakers.  He’s in a string of commercials as Slim Chin, the beast from the far east, hanging with basketball stars Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard.  It’s actually funny.

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