KAs@Work: Bonnie Kim of Freedom and Fashion

KAs@Work is a new series that profiles Korean Americans and their jobs. Want to share what you do, or know of people with interesting jobs? Get in touch.

KAs@Work: Keish Kim of Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance

KAs@Work: Kevin Ost-Vollmers of Land of a Gazillion Adoptees

KAs@Work: Professional Skateboarder Daewon Song

KAs@Work: Yul Kwon, TV Host of ‘America Revealed’ and ‘LinkAsia’

KAs@Work: TV/Radio Personality Michael Yo of ‘The Yo Show’

KAs@Work: Chef Rachel Yang of Joule and Revel

KAs@Work: Jack Kim of Benelab

KAs@Work: Oghee Choe and Connie Choe-Harikul of Granny Choe Kimchi Co.

‘The Portfolio’ – A New Talk Show About Korean Americans

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