Historically Disreputable: Oncheonjang at Night

The entire neighbourhood of Oncheonjang stretches out from the wall-to-ceiling window of my 9th floor flat. It would be a glorious view of Mt. Geumjeong, if it weren’t for the three manky love motels across the street. Each night as the sun dips behind the mountain, my apartment is basked in their salacious pinky-purpley neon glow.



Dear Korea #078 - Sorry for the Party Rocking

Dear Korea #078

Happy December everyone! As promised, here is a new comic to make up for the lack of one last week!

I don’t know if it’s just my old age catching up to me, but I just can’t seem to keep up with some of these work parties that I’m often invited to go out to. They actually do these parties in rounds, which I think is kind of funny. Round one will usually involve dinner, and round two can be anything from going to a bar to drink more to getting coffee. I can usually handle that, but it’s those nights that have four to five rounds that really get me.

Yeongdo, after dark!

There's something magical, or maybe just mysterious, about my neighborhood, after dark!  I grabbed my camera and took a couple shots around my apartment a couple nights ago.  

Welcome to my neighborhood.

Dear Korea #053 - Finding the Right Song

Dear Korea #053

I won’t lie, that last panel was fun to draw.

Anyways, let’s all just try and ignore the fact that I’ve enjoyed the fine art of karaoke for a very VERY long time. If anything, this comic is more of a representation of many people I’ve met out here in Korea. At first, they seem hesitant and even outright against the whole idea of singing in front of other people. After you give them a good half hour or so with that ridiculously large book (which is difficult to share, depending on who you’re with), they’ll eventually find something that’s worth putting their fears and shame aside for.

Right of Passage

*I got yelled at for not posting for more than three weeks and it turned out to be just what I needed to get back to writing. Not that I ever stopped. I’ve just been lazy.

Before last week I must admit that as a native english teacher in Korea, I was feeling a little left out. Since the start of my contract it seems two important events for ESL teachers had evaded me. I had yet to consume raw seafood with my Korean co-workers and I still hadn’t done a round at the Noraebang with them.

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