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Am I Qualified to Teach in Korea?

Qualifications Required for Teaching English in Korea

Degree diplomaSo you are fascinated by this idea of teaching English in Korea. Great! But before you go diving into your hunt, it’s a good idea to make sure you will be eligible for a great job in Korea. To qualify for job teaching English in South Korea, you have to fulfill three main requirements.

Where Do I Look for a Job in Korea?

Getting a job teaching English in Korea used to be a lot like falling off a log. You uploaded your resume to a job site, had a phone interview, and a week later you could be on a plane.  But with more and more people seeking shelter from the recession overseas, and and increasing government restrictions on ESL teachers, those days are certainly gone. The good news is that as the number of teachers and regulations has increased, contracts have become more standardized and working environments have become more foreigner friendly. The bad news is that we are now looking at a very competitive job market. To find a great job, it’s not enough to merely upload your resume anymore.

How to Get the Best Contract

You are trudging dutifully through the rigorous, middle-of-the-night phone interviews, hoping to find a job at the end of that phone line. Finally, it happens. You are emailed within an hour with a contract. What to do? You want a job in South Korea, but you are not sure if it is the right job. How can you know if it is going to be a good job? Ultimately, the key to a great job and, perhaps, a great experience in Korea is your contract. In spite of the persistent emails you receive from recruiters, you must take your time to make a good decision.

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