And then we were friends

I haven't been sharing much about my personal life, but felt an update was necessary. For a while now my relationship with JH has been going downhill. Back in May things were quite nice, but then as the summer advanced things started to grow apart between us.

Eventually he has come to the conclusion that we should change our relationship to being friends. That in time this will serve us better than in a close relationship. Although things weren't working out for us I was confused by this conclusion.

But these days I am getting use to this change and accepting it. I suppose I am back in the single boat and this time I want to stay in it and assess my life and such.

Even though we are now friends I find myself needing some distance from him to sort all this out and accept it. But eventually I do want to be his friend and not loose him forever.

Fall Approaching

This morning the air is a bit breezy and cool, which means Fall is on its way here. I don't hear any cicadas buzzing, well just a few, but with it not being so deafening anymore this is also a sign of the changing seasons.

The first week back to work went all right with a few jolts to remind me that I am teaching first grade. The kid's levels have been changed and there are new groups now. Overall, most of them are descent but there is one that is just pure awfulness. However, I have good feelings for this semester which is helped by the prep work I have done and the experience behind me.

The Han River Treats Me Well

My Boyfriend's Backyard

First, let's take a look at a traditional summer food called Samgyetang. You are suppose to eat it three times in the summer. I had my share of it when I was at JH's house a few weekends ago, and his mom made it fresh for us.

Mom Sent a Package

A while ago my mom sent a package with all sorts of stuff in it for JH and I. She mostly wanted to send him good wishes for his birthday, which was back in April.

Life of Tom

JH said it perfectly yesterday, "I wish I could trade lives with Tom and Tiger." Tom's life is pretty serene and well taken care of.

He is getting past his kittenness and sleeping a lot during the daytime, already having his favorite spots.

3-Alley Pub Lunch and a Movie

Ever since JH returned from his American vacation he has been craving some of the foods he sampled there. One of which is the American burger. I'm not talking about a McDonald's burger but the kind you get at a mom-and-pop restaurant. One that is thick and juicy with a big bun and fresh toppings.

He realized that the usual places to get a burger in Korea, like Kraze Burger, just weren't cutting it. I told him how this is how I feel about pretty much any dining experience in Korea. But I told him there was hope, for Itaewon was known for good burgers.

Somebody Had a Birthday

I know I don't share a whole lot about my personal relationship with JH on here. Mostly because I know he doesn't want me to and also I just don't know how to word it. I have to say though the man is very special to me and we are already a little past our two years together. So I know this is a good relationship.

The man's birthday was in April and I got him a few presents. One of which I wrapped up and stuck to a package of ramyeon like they do at the supermarket. You know how if you buy a box of cereal, sometimes there is a freebee attached to the side of it...like that.

The Naminara Republic Experience Part 3

Here we are at the final entry about Nami Island and my time there a few weeks ago. The last bits of our moments on the island were spent strolling through a ceramics museum and taking in the view of a nice park.

The Naminara Republic Experience Part 2

All that walking and site seeing worked up an appetite and we were ready for lunch. We came upon the section with cafes and restaurants. Here we managed to discover that there was a place offering organic servings or curry and other rice-like meals. It was a little tough to find, but we managed.

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